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Why the automatic tofu production line must be had, not better have to success?

The benefits of automatic tofu machines would not only save labor costs but also improve the efficiency of production process and increase tofu production output. Furthermore, because of the automatic system, the quality would be stable by the automatic setting on timers, temperature controls and machine’s actuation.

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How to Improve the Tofu Production Yield? In general, soybeans contain about 38%~42%.of protein. The higher protein extraction rate of soy milk is, the more tofu product will be made. Through YSL unique double grinding and separating machine with the concentration control design would improve the production yield than a single grinding function on the extraction rate. By so the business can save cost by the above technology, then the profit and output increase.
One of the key points to tofu auto production line is to know the properties of protein coagulation, that needs combine the design of tofu coagulating machine that makes products outcome consistent, eventually result in complying with hygiene and safety regulations. In order to produce the perfect texture inside tofu, you shall focus on controlling the temperature, the manners and the speed of stirring when coagulating. This means the angle of pad of stirring stick matters very much and the stick needs to move in clockwise and counterclockwise to mix in a proper pace. Yung Soon Lih can help transfer the technique to make tofu including the coagulation process by the professional R&D and design staff who is experienced experts in the protein coagulation. With such help any new maker to tofu making category can go into mass production between 2 and 4 weeks.


Animal protein

Plant protein


Meat, Egg, dairy

Beans-soybean food

Absorbance rate

Animal proteins are similar to the body's protein so that the absorbance rate of animal protein is higher than other protein.

Plant proteins lack1~2 essential amino acid so that there is more difference than the body protein.


  1. High Protein。
  2. Some of animal protein contain B12。
  3. Some of plant protein contain antioxidants and phytonutrients.
1.      Without cholesterol
2.      Rich in unsaturated fatty acid and Potassium

Benefits for Muscle

Animal proteins include whey protein which is like breast milk so that those are easily to absorb.

Providing a series of human amino acid

Food manufacturers dedicate to providing good products to customers. The food equipment hygienic design is extremely the key point to improve machine clean-ability and make sure cleanliness of food contact surface. YSL company applies hygienic design and CIP technology (Cleaning In Place) to make Soymilk processing equipment, such as pipes, tanks, sensors, heat exchangers meet below hygienic guidelines 1. The Pipe welding quality & Design 2. Radius of Tanks & Spray Ball design 3. Flow rate design, ensure to carry out dirty 4. Automatic program on CIPHow do those factors affect the system? First of all, the cleaning needs to be designed reasonably, with easy clean Radius, good spray ball and smooth inner pipe welding quality. Second point is design suitable pump to have enough flow rate (Speed) ensure dirties can be remove by strength of water in a pipe or tanks. Also, using an automatic program can control automatic valves open or close for matching the CIP Loops required. Why to choose CIP? CIP will shorten the time to clean and decrease the work hours to operators. As the efficiency of automatic clean gets up and the cost gets down, the expected profits come with.Under EHEDG training, YSL turnkey solution provider for Tofu & Soymilk is equipped with a good design of CIP able process and help manufacturers to produce hygienic and Safety Food.

There are three common tofu coagulants, which are Gypsum, Nigari, and gluconolide (GDL).

Gypsum: It is a natural mineral with low price and high calcium content. The tofu made from it has a dense texture. Gypsum tofu contains calcium which can help the body to meet the daily calcium requirement. Food grade gypsum is divided into two types: "anhydrous" and "dihydrate". Food-grade anhydrous calcium sulfate (Anhydrous: CaSO4) and calcium sulfate dihydrate (Dihydrate: CaSO4 · 2H2O) are both listed as safe food additives and it is safe to eat.


Nigari: A coagulant which extracted from sea, therefore the price is higher and the tofu made is coarser. It requires experience and technology to make a perfect regular tofu (firm tofu). Nigari is rich in magnesium, which is helpful for strengthening the bones. In addition, you also can have magnesium from grains, fruits and vegetables.


Gluconolide (GDL): It is a coagulant which extracted from sugars. It has low mineral content. Compared with Nigari and Gypsum, it has lower nutritional value. It is often used by food manufacturers to make silken tofu (soft tofu) and tofu pudding.

For example, Japanese-style tofu is usually mixed and poured directly into the box and made by two-stage or three-stage low-temperature sterilization and cooling processes.

The final step of the tofu production process is from cutting to packaging process. The tofu cut by tofu cutting machine has consistent size, complete shape and beautiful cutting surface. This enables finished products can enter market with good image and increase consumer confidence towards your tofu.Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Co., Ltd automatic tofu cutting machine adopts induction detection to automatically feed the whole plate of tofu, automatically cut into long strips, and then cut into tofu blocks. The whole automatic process is fast and accurate to replace manual cutting operations and increase production speed. The automatic cutting machine combines with PLC interface, can switch to automatic or manual operation mode. The parameters such as cutting, conveyor speed are set in the PLC, and HMI operation is simple and convenient. In recent years, consumers are more aware of food safety issues. Automatic tofu cutting machine can reduce hand contact with tofu during production process. The cutter set and tofu conveyor belt can be cleaned immediately during production operation to ensure the production process is safe and hygienic. The accessories of tofu cutting machine are easy to disassemble and clean to ensure your machine is safe and hygienic in tofu production and cutting processes.
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