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We are a Taiwanese manufacturer of Tofu and Soy Milk machinery. We also provide Tofu and Soy Beverages core technology guidance and transfer to our global partners.


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    2023 Taipei International Franchise Exhibition - Spring Exhibition 2/10-2/13 World Trade Center Hall 1 is running~~
    30 Jan, 2023

    For young people who want to start a business, franchise stores are a good first choice for investment. Franchise is moving towards the goal of internationalization and globalization, leading the most trendy franchise trend, and providing the most advanced franchise information and information for the majority of corporate brands, franchise owners and entrepreneurs. Matching platform, through the exhibition, you can watch the market demand, and add the current situation and future of the industry, how to choose the right brand and marketing, etc., the preparation homework before starting a business is necessary, and the real key is to copy successful cases!

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    Yung Soon Lih Food Machine has obtained the international ASME U certification authorization "necessary for developing overseas markets"!
    11 Jan, 2023

    The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME U) Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code is the world's leading standard for pressure equipment and components, specifying manufacturer certification and quality assurance requirements. Sets the design, materials, manufacturing, inspection, testing and operation regulations of boilers and pressure vessels (including power plant boilers, heating boilers, nuclear facility components, fiber reinforced plastic pressure vessels and transportation storage tanks): promote academic exchanges, carry out standardization activities, formulate Certification to normative standards in the field of mechanical engineering.

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    Tofu market is growing at a CAGR of 11.65%
    28 Dec, 2022

    The global tofu market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 11.65% • Largest market segment by region - Europe: As the vast majority of the population is allergic to soybeans, soy-free tofu made from chickpeas and yellow peas is popular in the market. • Largest segment by distribution channel - Off-premise sales: Consumers are buying more from supermarkets and hypermarkets as the assortment in stores expands and shelf space expands for meat alternatives such as tofu. • Fastest growing segment by region – Asia Pacific: Tofu is a common ingredient in ethnic and regional cuisines of East and Southeast Asia, with subtle regional differences in production methods, textures, flavors and uses. • Fastest growing segment by distribution channel - Trade: Sales growth is due to the launch of several vegetarian restaurants or the addition of vegetarian menus in traditional restaurants due to the increase in the global vegetarian population.

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    21 Dec, 2022

    Taiwanese bubble tea is overwhelmingly popular all over the world, and related ingredients, especially tapioca ball, is as popular as TSMC's high-end chips. The taste of tapioca ball determines the success or failure of a cup of boba milk tea, and can even affect the rise and fall of a brand. Therefore, how to cook tapioca ball with a springy taste is a key issue that operators must think about.

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    Interpack - May 4-10, 2023 in Düsseldorf, Germany
    09 Dec, 2022

    Interpack will be held in Dusseldorf, Germany from May 4th to 10th, 2023. Machinery manufacturers and exhibitor buyers will have the opportunity to fully communicate and discuss the above content and various topics. With 2,700 exhibitors from all over the world, 18 pavilions, special exhibitions, exclusive technology release events, forums, etc., it has once again become a business exchange platform and a gathering place for future technologies.

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    Need to increase the production of tofu, but worried that the budget is limited and cannot afford a fully automatic tofu production line?
    06 Dec, 2022

    Want to increase the production of tofu, but can't buy fully automated whole plant tofu equipment due to budget considerations? Then use Tofu Hero to upgrade to semi-automation as the first step to overcome the shortage of workers.

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    Eat more plant protein and reduce mortality by 10% [9 must-eat foods]
    02 Dec, 2022

    A former lecturer of the American College of Sports Medicine said that a study once showed that eating more plant protein and eating less meat can not only reduce the risk of death by 10%, but also is very suitable for vegetarians and dieters as a source of daily protein supplements. Vegetable protein foods worth eating. It was found that replacing animal protein with 20% plant-based protein can reduce the overall mortality rate and cardiovascular disease mortality rate by 10%.

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    Yung Soon Lih has become an ESG sustainable business enterprise.
    02 Dec, 2022

    The Yung Soon Lih founder, Brian Cheng, is committed to promoting the vegan lifestyle to the world. He advocates the second and the fourth Wednesdays of each month as the company vegan food days, and he invites all of the employees and the suppliers to participate to act for the Global ESG initiatives.

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    2022 Taipei International Vegetarian Expo
    30 Nov, 2022

    2022 end-of-year vegetable and food event "Entering the Vegetable Circle, Overturning the New Vegetarianism" 1 person makes an appointment to request a ticket and enjoys 4 people's free admission Exhibition Date: DATE 2022.12.16 ~ 2022.12.19 Exhibition time: TIME 10:00 am ~ 06:00 pm Venue: Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1 (No. 5, Section 5, Xinyi Road, Taipei City) MRT Xinyi Line, Taipei 101 / World Trade Center ExitEarly Bird Gift "Vegetables, Vegetable Food, Food Basket Cart"

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    In response to "World Vegetarian Day"
    25 Nov, 2022

    January 25 is the "International Vegetarian Day" (World Vegetarian Day), which started in 1986 and originated in India. Some people also call it "World Meatless Day". On this day, many slaughterhouses in the world will stop slaughtering, some restaurants will only serve vegetarian food, and even hospitals, prisons and other places will also serve vegan food to arouse everyone's attention to carbon reduction and humanitarianism. The vegetarian population in Taiwan is as high as 3.3 million, the second largest ratio in the world, and the annual business opportunity is as high as 60 billion yuan.

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    Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Food Exhibition
    16 Nov, 2022

    Exhibition time: November 16th ~ November 19th, 2022 Opening hours: 09:00 - 18:00 Exhibition Industry: Food and Beverage Sponsor: Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam Venue: Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City - 799 Nguyen Van Linh, Tan Phu Ward, Dist 7 - Ho Chi Minh Saigon Convention and Exhibition Center Holding cycle: once a year Exhibition area: 10000 square meters Number of exhibitors: 600 Number of viewers: 14655 people

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    Even New York City Hospital Serves Vegetarian Food
    15 Nov, 2022

    All 11 hospitals in New York City will have a plant-based diet option by default. This plan is organized by The Better Food Foundation cooperates with the mayor and the New York City Hospital to help Chinese people improve their healthy diet, reduce carbon emissions and reduce food costs.

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