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Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Co., Ltd. is a leader of Soy Milk and Tofu Machines, we are also a guardian of food safety. We share our core technology and experience of Tofu production to our customers and strive to be an important partner which accompanies the business growth of our worldwide partners.

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  • Soybean Transferring Machine
    Soybean Transferring Machine

    After the Soybean finished soaking process, we use vacuuming transferring system to deliver soybean to Easy Tofu Maker (Start A Business with Easy Tofu Machine, Multi-Function Compact Tofu). Instead of the manual way, save labor cost, to get better production efficiency, ensure the clean and hygiene of the Soybean.

  • Start a business with Easy Tofu Machine
    Start a business with Easy Tofu Machine

    The Easy Tofu Maker is convenient in production process as it adopts a semi-automatic operating system, which can adjust parameters and set different modules according to product characteristics. It has an intelligent and simple operating process that can be used by one person, to save labor costs, diversify product items, and user-friendly PLC control interface thus to smoothen the operation process. It not only makes the production process faster, but also simplifies the process. The soybeans grinding and separating processes are completed at one time. The constant pressure water tank has automatic water supply which is more effectively and stably control the concentration of soy milk. After grinding and separating processes, the Easy Tofu Maker will cook the soybean milk. As the high concentration soy milk is more difficult to clean than the low-concentration soy milk, this machine is designed to shorten the production pipeline to reduce soy milk residue in the pipeline, thus it can reduce cleaning process and improve production efficiency. In addition, the Easy Tofu Maker can set two-stage cooking method, which uses large volume of steam to quickly cook and then cooks with small volume of steam to make the soy milk mellower, and it also combines the stirring process in its tofu production process. The pumping and adding of coagulant are controlled by software by setting timer, this machine also has quantitative filling and automatic stirring functions. Some relevant parameters such as mixing and stirring can be set according to the different characteristics of each product. The features of this machine such as automatic mixing of the coagulant and circulation the pipeline can avoid the precipitation problem. The tofu mold is automatically moved up and down after the automatic filling into molding device. It also speed up the filling of bean curd to save labor cost and mix the bean curd evenly. The two-stage pressure can be set from tofu pressing to forming process, the pressure can be switched automatically. The manufacturing process of Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Co., Ltd complies with CE international certification, including Regular Tofu (Firm Tofu), Silken Tofu (Soft Tofu), Dried Tofu, Soy Milk, Tofu Pudding, and etc. The Easy Tofu Maker has various functions such as grinding and separating machine, soymilk cooking machine, coagulating and curd breaking machine, and a tofu pressing machine. The most competitive advantages of this Easy Tofu Maker are small size, low budget, easy to operate and time-saving in cleaning process, thus it is very popular among the buyers.

  • Tofu Box Sealing Machine
    Tofu Box Sealing Machine

    Air pressure type automatic sealing machine – it is suitable for sealing of various materials such as PP, PE, paper and easy-tear film. The blank/printed film of this machine can be replaced anytime, it has anti-corrosion and leak proof functions which can keep food fresh. This machine also has microcomputer control system that can automatically detect faults. This machine will be filled with water before sealing, to maintain freshness of the product, and can be equipped with the inner cutter function to have more beautiful product appearance after sealing. In addition, this machine can replace its mold, it is small and lightweight, easy to operate, and has the safest safety door design. After Tofu is formed after using Easy Tofu Maker and Tofu pressing machine, being cut into small cubes through manual cutting process, the small Tofu cubes can be put into plastic box and can be sealed by this sealing machine. Besides, it is optional to have date printer to print out the production date or shelf life on the Tofu packaging box. Square Box Sealing Machine: Regular Tofu (Firm Tofu), Silken Tofu (Soft Tofu), Dried Tofu, Tofu Pudding. Round Box Sealing Machine: Soy Milk, Douhua.

  • Silken Tofu (Soft Tofu)
    Silken Tofu (Soft Tofu)

    Silken Tofu (Soft Tofu) is produced by coagulating soy milk. Comparing to other varieties of Tofu, Silken Tofu (Soft Tofu) is not drained in the production process. As a result, Silken Tofu (Soft Tofu) has high water content and a pudding-like quality. Having a creamy and smooth taste but also more delicate than Regular Tofu (Firm Tofu). Hence, it's a must to do it with mild handling. Silken Tofu (Soft Tofu) is suitable for soups, baked desserts, and salad dressings. Also, it works equally well with fish and meat in savory dishes, such as a classic Szechuan dish, Ma Po Tofu.

  • Regular Tofu (Firm Tofu)
    Regular Tofu (Firm Tofu)

    Similar to Silken Tofu (Soft Tofu), Regular Tofu (Firm Tofu) is produced by coagulating soy milk. The only difference is Regular Tofu (Firm Tofu) needs to be pressed to take out the water in it. Comparing to Silken Tofu (Soft Tofu), the curds in a firm block are tighter and the taste is chewier. Besides, it is the commonest Tofu and has highest protein and calcium in the Tofu family. Firm Tofu is versatile and can be cooked in many ways such as being pan-fired, stir-fried, grilled or served in soups.

  • Dried Tofu
    Dried Tofu

    Dried Tofu is produced by Tofu where a large amount of water has been pressed out. Marinating the ultra-dense block until it is stained a deep brown on the surface. The Dried Tofu looking like a tight cube has a rubbery feel and a chewier taste than other types of Tofu. In Chinese cuisine, Dried Tofu is often braised and the simmered bean curd is one kind of popular braised snacks. When sliced thinly, it also plays well with anything soft such as pork belly and Chinese mushroom. Making a stir-fry with these ingredients and some spices, it will become a famous Taiwan dish, Hakka style stir fry.

  • Tofu Pudding
    Tofu Pudding

    Tofu Pudding (Dou Hua) is a common traditional snack in Taiwan. It is very popular because of the smooth silky texture and the slippery melt-in-your-mouth taste. Tofu Pudding is often topped with peanuts, azuki beans, mung beans and syrup as a dessert. Moreover, it is served with some crushed ice in the summer or provided with hot ginger syrup in the winter. Besides, it is also able to add some ingredients such as chocolate in the production process to become chocolate Tofu Pudding. Altering the flavor depends on individual preference.

  • Fresh Soy Milk
    Fresh Soy Milk

    Fresh soy milk is made by soaking soybeans and grinding them with enough water. soy milk is filled with many nutrients, such as complete protein, isoflavones and B-vitamins, but free of the lactose. As a consequence, people who are lactose intolerant can use soy milk as a replacement for cow's milk. soy milk is a common traditional Chinese beverage. Besides, it can also be made into ice cream. Add vanilla or chocolate to it depending on personal preference as an irresistible dessert.

  • Fried Tofu
    Fried Tofu

    Fried Tofu is produced by cutting Firm Tofu into a bite-sized triangle shape first. Then, let Tofu deep fried with boiling oil until the surface turns into a golden color. Consequently, the texture of Fried Tofu is crispy on the outside and smooth on the inside. It may be eaten by simply dipping in garlic soy sauce and can be stewed or cooked in soups. Moreover, in Taiwan, Fired Tofu is cooked in a special way. That is a delicious local dish called "Ah-gei". It is made by Fried Tofu stuffed with noodles and capped off with fish paste.

  • Vegetable Tofu
    Vegetable Tofu

    Vegetable Tofu (Tofu with Vegetable and Herbs), similar to other kinds of Tofu, is made by coagulating soy milk. The only difference is the process of adding the mashed Vegetable and Herbs into it. Added Vegetable as ingredients is maybe olive, tomato or basilico, choosing one of them to be the dominant flavor. Then, add some herbs like rosemary, thyme, and parsley. By producing this way, the vegetable and herb flavor is infused into the Tofu and gives it a slightly sweet taste.

  • Smoked Tofu
    Smoked Tofu

    Smoked Tofu is a classic food for meatless cooking. Produced by smoking it with hardwood chunks, it has a light brown layer on the surface. Smoked Tofu has the firm and chewy texture with unique smoky flavor. Therefore, someone even said, the smoked tofu is so delicious that it is "new" bacon. In culinary uses, it can be simply sliced for salads or pan-fried until turning crispy outside. Adding the pan-fried Smoked Tofu to any dish will give a great taste.

  • Easy Tofu Maker
    Easy Tofu Maker

    Soybean products are very popular on the Chinese dinner-table, such as:- soy milk for breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes made of TOFU, tea time also often saw Dou Hua (like Tofu Pudding). Moms also use Tofu to make diverse changes of dishes, such as:- Fried Tofu, Deep Fried Tofu, Dried tofu and Tofu soup are so loved by the Chinese. The biggest feature of Easy Tofu Maker (Start A Business with Easy Tofu Machine, Multi-Function Compact Tofu Machine, Compact Tofu processor) is that it can produce a variety of soybean products, including Regular Tofu(Firm Tofu), Silken Tofu(Soft Tofu), Dried tofu, soy milk, Dou Hua and so on. Compared with Tofu or soy milk Turn-Key Production, the Easy Tofu Maker is much smaller, low-budget, multi-product, and it's suitable for supermarkets and restaurants. In Taiwan, there are more and more stores specialized in soybean products and many use our Easy Tofu Maker(food machine), to produce fresh Regular Tofu (Firm Tofu), Silken Tofu (Soft Tofu), Dried tofu, soy milk, Dou Hua (like Tofu Pudding) to consumers. Traditionally, because tofu making environment was hard to maintain, it had to be separated from the shop. But now, our Easy Tofu Maker combines both the production of tofu and the production of Soy milk. Thus it allows consumers to see the whole process at the storefront and feel more secure about what they eat and drink, which is a major concern today. In overseas markets, the Easy Tofu Maker is very popular with supermarkets, restaurants, schools and micro-entrepreneurs. For populated area of Asia, the Easy Tofu Maker with its small size and high production efficiency, requires only a 20 square meters space. For a broad geographic area such as the United States, Australia and other places, one Easy Tofu Maker can meet Tofu and soy milk demand for large supermarkets. The purchase cost of the Easy Tofu Maker is much lower than the Tofu Turn-Key Project, and it is also able to produce a large variety of soybean products, that’s the reason why most entrepreneurs love it. In addition, it's easy to start your own business with the Easy Tofu Maker (Start A Business with Easy Tofu Machine, Multi-Function Compact Tofu) for the reasons below: 1. Semi-Auto process system, only needs one operator. 2. PLC control interface, easy to control and to operate. 3. The material of Easy Tofu Maker is made of stainless steel, which complies with food safety and hygiene standard requirements. 4. Easy Tofu Maker is very easy to clean and regularly maintain. Tofu and soy milk is the main source for Vegetable Protein. YUNG SOON LIH FOOD MACHINE doesn't only sale Tofu Machines, but also shares the know-how of making tofu and soy milk. We are arranging our engineers to train every buyer at their own worksite.We don't only help our clients understand how to use Easy Tofu Maker (Start A Business with Easy Tofu Machine, Multi-Function Compact Tofu), but also understand the Tofu and soy milk making technology.

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