Douhua Production Line / Leader of the Automatic Tofu and Soymilk Making Machinery with a Top Priority in Food Safety.

Douhua Production Line / Leader of the Automatic Tofu and Soymilk Making Machinery with a Top Priority in Food Safety.

Douhua Production Line

Douhua Production Line

Douhua Production Line

The first part of the Dou Hua (like Tofu Pudding) production is the same as making Tofu and Soy Milk: soaked Soybean, grinding, separating and cooking.

Dou Hua is very popular in China, Hong Kong, and Southeast like Malaysia, but climatic difference also affects the way of eating Dou Hua. For example, the northern China makes Dou Hua into salty food, mingled with soy sauce, salt, shrimp shell, mustard and green onion.

In warm regions like Hong Kong, Southeastern countries and Taiwan it is made as a dessert, added with sugar or Fresh soy milk.
In Taiwan, there are lots of shops for Dou Hua sales and it is also a very welcome Taiwanese cuisine in night markets. Vendors of Dou Hua often mixed it with red beans, yam pearls, taro and lemon juice to enhance its diverse tastes in order to attract customers.

The Dou Hua production line machines are for mass capacity clients' needs majorly and the Dou Hua produced by them are offered in supermarkets and restaurants.
We recommend the instant tofu machine if you do not have experience in making Dou Hua and lack in large amounts of customers but are still interested in Dou Hua making. It produces not only Tofu and soy milk, but also Dried Tofu and Dou Hua. We are also pleased to share with you how to make Dou Hua. Your inquiry is welcomed.

Below is Dou Hua Production Line

operating processor flow chart for your reference.Dou Hua(Tofu Pudding) Processing Chart

Step Process

1.Feeding Soybean to Dry Beans Tank by worker.
2.Transferring Soybean from Dry Beans Tank to Soybean Soaking & Washing Machine by Soybean Transferring Machine (Screw Soybean transferring Machine or Vacuum Soybean transferring Machine). It's saving time and labor cost, no need for labor to deliver Soybean.
3.Soybean Washing and Soaking. Choose our Soybean Soaking & Washing Machine to cost down for labor charge and upgrade quality.
4.Soybean grinding and separating in Automatic Soybean Grinding & Okara Separating Machine (or Automatic Soybean Twin Grinding & Okara Separating Machine).
5.Delivering Soybean okara by Okara Transportation Machine.
6.General Automatic soy milk Cooking Machine, the other is CE soy milk Cooking Machine (CE Automatic soy milk Cooking Machine).
7.Using Plate Cool Exchanger Machine to reducing temperature of soy milk.
8.Feeding soy milk and coagulate together, and using seasoning machine to mix and stir them.
9.Filling coagulated soy milk (Douhua) into box and sealing by Boxed Douhua Filling & Sealing Machine.
10.Putting boxed Douhua into Sterilizing Equipment for sterilization.
11.Putting into refrigerator for storage.

Typical Product

Dou Hua Production Line is suitable for Dou Hua (kowns as (known as Tofu Pudding).Dou Hua which known as Tofu Pudding was popular with younger and elder, because its tasty is very soft and sweet.

After-sales service

Yung Soon Lih provides 24-hour online consultation, cooperates with engineers to solve customers’ problems by the remote operation, saves people's round-trip time and labor cost, and solves customer problems in a timely and rapid manner.

In addition, food manufacturers who just started their business or expanded their factories, our senior engineers will go to the company site to survey and help you to planning the layout. In the past 30 years,We had built up a good partnership with our global customers like Czech Republic, Poland, Canada and also transfer the technical know-how of produced soy milk and tofu to our customers. We were committed to becoming turnkey solution provider.

Yung Soon Lih provides the service of 24 hours after-sales.

▲Yung Soon Lih provides the service of 24-hours after-sales.


Please feel free to let us know if you need any further information about Douhua making machine.
Also, please let us know the name of machine you interested in, and which kind of product would you like to produce and daily expect capacity required to provide proper solution for you.
With this information, it would be easier for our sales to provide total solutions for you which you exactly needs.
We had more than 30 years' experience to manufacture Tofu, soy milk, Douhua Processing Machine, we are willing to share our Tofu, soy milk, Douhua producing experience to you for helping you to complete your production line and production efficiency increasing.

Douhua Production Line

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Dry Soybean Suction Equipment - Dry Soybean Tank
Dry Soybean Suction Equipment

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Soybean Soaking and Washing Machine - Soybean Soaking and Washing Machine
Soybean Soaking and Washing Machine

The quality of Soybean Soaking & Washing Machine is the key for making Tofu and soy milk!

Wet Soybean Suction Equipment - Soybean Suction Machine
Wet Soybean Suction Equipment

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Grinding and Okara Separating and Cooking Machine - Soybean Grinding and Okara Separating and Cooking Machine
Grinding and Okara Separating and Cooking Machine

Grinding, separating and cooking equipment is an important process in Tofu and soy milk process.

Okara Transportation Equipment - Okara Transportation Equipment
Okara Transportation Equipment

After grinding the Soybeans, use the Okara Transportation Machine to discharge Okara.

Soy Milk Cooking Machine - soy milk Cooking Machine
Soy Milk Cooking Machine

Yung Soon Lih designed cooking equipment has an automatic monitor of temperature and pressure.

Soy Milk Plate Cool Exchanger Equipment - soy milk Plate Cooler Exchanger Equipment
Soy Milk Plate Cool Exchanger Equipment

Plate cooling devices are used in the production line for fresh soy milk, Japanese soft tofu...

Coagulating and Seasoning Equipment - Douhua Coagulating and Seasoning Equipment
Coagulating and Seasoning Equipment

Whey moves into conditioning solidifying devices after going through the plate cooling machine...

Filling and Sealing Machine - Douhua Filling and Sealing Machine
Filling and Sealing Machine

Soy Milk can be filled into boxes and sealed after conditioning.

Pasteurizing and Cooling Equipment - Pasteurizating and Cooling Equipment
Pasteurizing and Cooling Equipment

Japanese soft tofu is molded into form with the bactericidal effect by a process of pasteurization. Types...

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Based in Taiwan since 1989, Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Co., Ltd. has been a Douhua Production Line manufacturer that is specilized in soy bean, soy milk and tofu making sectors. Unique design soy milk and tofu production lines built with ISO and CE certifications, sold in 40 countries with solid reputation.

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