Dry Soybean Processing: 220kg/hr – Premium Tofu production Package. / CE Certified Tofu Product Line, Soybean Soak & Wash Tank, Grinding & Cooking Machine Manufacturer | Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Co., Ltd.

Dry Soybean Processing: 220kg/hr – Premium Tofu production Package. / Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Co., Ltd. is a leader of Soy Milk and Tofu Machines, we are also a guardian of food safety. We share our core technology and experience of Tofu production to our customers and strive to be an important partner which accompanies the business growth of our worldwide partners.

Dry Soybean Processing: 220kg/hr – Premium Tofu Production  Package. - Dry Soybean Processing: 220kg/hr – Premium Tofu production  Package.
  • Dry Soybean Processing: 220kg/hr – Premium Tofu Production  Package. - Dry Soybean Processing: 220kg/hr – Premium Tofu production  Package.

Dry Soybean Processing: 220kg/hr – Premium Tofu Production Package.

Dry Soybean Processing: 220kg/hr – Premium Tofu production Package.

Yung Soon Lih Food Machine intelligent technology is to control every step, every parameters are all the same to ensure Tofu quality, make.【1 click on HMI to produce Tofu】, 【Everyone can make Tofu 】and 【3 days training for making Good Tofu】.There are many kinds of tofu, super hard tofu, vegetarian tofu products, vegetarian tofu,High value vegetarian meat Tofu products containing Pvegetarian meat machin can be produced through Yung Soon Lih Food Machine (vegetarian meat machine) Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Tofu line is easy to operate, Using Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Tofu solution to making Tofu, no-special skill worker or special training workers needed.The worker only do a very simple work such as put Tofu mold on to conveyor, organize the Tofu curd..etc. Yung Soon Lih Food Machinee Tofu line is easy to maintenance, PLC & HMI remote upgrade control access able.Yung Soon Lih Food Machine insist to use PLC and HMI to control the automation process, similar using your Tablet to making Tofu manufacturing.Yung Soon Lih Food Machine design with Users’Friendly screen, every to learn like you learn operation on Tablet. With PLC & HMI design, Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Tofu line are able for remote monitoring and health checking from Taiwan Yung Soon Lih Food Machine engineer team, also we are able for trouble shooting on Remote Access connection.Yung Soon Lih Food Machine HMI is able can be replaced by a normal laptop computer, so it the HMI shut down and out of work, you are able to use your Laptop to run the production,ensure your supplement of Tofu to your loyal consumers. Easy to clean design on Shelf circulation clean on piping and buffer and cooking tanks. Alkali water to soak coagulating tank make earlier to clean. Yung Soon Lih Food Machine manufacturing equipment Tofu line, equipped with upstream soymilk extracting system at dry soybean process capacity 200 to 220kg/HR, with equivalent design of Yung Soon Lih Food Machine food machine coagulating machine design, the Tofu line is able to produce Natural Standard Tofu at 55 to 60 molds per HR or Firm Tofu at 50 to 55 molds per HR, each mold of Tofu weight around 8.7kgs.

l   Tofu production Process flow: (P&ID)  l   


 Machine Lists  l 

                           Product name


1. Automatic washing & soaking Tanks

<Volume 460kg*5tanks>

2. Automatic Soybean Grinding& Separating machine


3.Continuous cooking system (with anti-deformer agent)

Capacity: 1500L/HR>

4. Buffer tank (Included sanitary pump)


5. Self Circulation Cleanness system


6.  Tofu Coagulating Machine

<Volume 60L*22 tanks>

7. Automatic Tofu Mold Stacking Machine


8.Continuous Tofu Pressing Machine

<10 Pressors station>

9.Manual Mold Turn Over Machine with cylinder

10.Manual Tofu Cutting Machine

<W water spray & Fix cylinder>

11.Hygiene SUS304 Tofu Mold (Including Top board)

<Quantity: 50sets>

12.Packaging (Water Pack or Vacuum pack)


13.Packaging (Water Pack or Vacuum pack)


 Process description                                                       

Dry bean washing and soaking system

Washing Soaking tanks-1

Auto control the soaking time to ensure bean soaking quality and stable on bean soaking ratio, to ensure we can get stable soymilk extracting yield during extraction process. Yung Soon Lih Food Machine PT100】, to avoid over soaking of soybean or high temperature soaking, when the soaking temperature is higher than setting up, will automatic start the cooling function by suppling NEW water to cooling down the soaking bean to ensure high quality of soaking bean of each batching.

【High & Low water Level detecting sensor】, to reach using low level of water for washing, High level of water on beans soaking to save water consumption. We concentrate to control the soybean soaking performance at every beginning steps.

Reference HMI setting page on washing & soaking system 

PLC Program functional:  
1. Automatic water inlet time set-able

2. Automatic water Draining time set-able
3. Soybean automatic washing time set-able
4. Soaking time set-able
5. Soaking temperature set-able to active water-cooling function 

F1402 Double grinding & separating system
                       F1402 FOR TOFU LINE 220GKS
 【Double Grinding design】
F1402 design with 2 sets of Yung Soon Lih Food Machine 10HP high speed grinder, is able to reach 220kgs dry bean hourly Safety activation, also getting best soy protein extraction performance.At each grinder, 1ST grinder is using recycle soymilk and feeding with well soaked soybean into 1ST grinder, after 1ST grinder’s grinding and separating, we will have soymilk slurry to the buffer tank, together with Okara, then the Okara will be delivered into an agitating device to mix with water.
The mixed Okara / Water will go into 2nd grinder for double grinding, do double extracting to get recycle lightly soymilk (Brix roughly 2 to 3), and pump to first grinder to go to 1st grinder with soy bean.On the 2nd grinder is equipped with Frequency drive to enhance the centrifuge speed and getting drier Okara.  The Okara of 2nd grinder will be transported by a screw device, then use high speed Brower to deliver Okara to the destination of Okara storage container.                             

The aim of double grinding is to increase extracting rate of soymilk.
YSL grinding system is equipped with water pressure balance tank and automatic beans feeding device to quantitative feed water and soybean to the grinder for precise control the Brix

speed controlled feeding device
Reference HMI production Monitor Page of Grinding & cooking system
   l  PLC Program functional  l
Grinding & Separating machine
  1. Soybean Feeding speed set-able

  2. Water adding Volume adjustable
  3. Non-Soybean automatic detection
  4. Automatic active or stop the grinding machine by detection of un-cooked soymilk level
  Cooking system:
  1. Un-cooked Soymilk pumping time set-able
  2. Cooking temperature set-able

  3. Automatic pressure detection and display
  Cooked soymilk Buffer tank:
  1. Automatic cooked soymilk High, Low level detection
  2. Soymilk temperature set-able to active re-heating up function (Insulation temperature)
  Automatic CIP mode


Continuous Type Cooking system

(Non-anti-foaming agent needed cooking system)


To physically remove soymilk foam. No foam waste, and no need deformer agent to make your soymilk Tofu health and Unique.Now a days, people desire having a good health, so the consumer to purchase a food, their 1st step will be see the labeling in Ingredients and Nutrition facts, they don’t want to have too much food additivities in food, instead consumer desire and love a very Natural ingredient, Let stay our Label only Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Tofu Ingredients:

Water Soybean Calcium sulfate(or magnesium chloride)
Shelf clean circulation on cooking machine design with 2 inches of soymilk & steam mixing pipe and holding pipe, and cooperate with high speed centrifugal pump to ensure the flow rate of SCC chemical is enough to cause the spoiler and friction to the pipe and remove the sticky protein to ensure the cleanness.

International Brand steam ratio valve to control steam injection volume to soymilk and cooperate temperature control sensor, soymilk temperature raising is stage by stage to make sure to get precise temperature of cooked soymilk.
Holding Tube stabilize the soymilk matured design with several stage of holding pipe to make sure soymilk temperature raising stage by stage, ensure the matured of soymilk.

Pressure releasing tank ensure safety
Hygiene design of Safety defense EHEDG principal design of SUS304 Safety defense, easy to clean with High pressure water, Strong and Durable.
Small Size, Smaller space required

Cooked soymilk storage tank

With automatic temperature detecting & insulation buffer tank help to keep cooked soymilk had best temperature, together with density stable and level control to ensure good coagulating performance of rear process. 

Why cooked soymilk buffer tank so important? We insist on No use on deforming agent method to produce Tofu, so soymilk after cooking, the liquid of soymilk is coming with a little bit air inside, so we need to well control the Liquid level, make soymilk density stable, and soy protein stable. Then using Rotary pump to pumping soymilk to destination coagulating machine doing coagulating process.

We concerning about the Tofu making quality, so the cooked soymilk transportation pipe is special design for temperature remaining, together with uninterrupted cooked soymilk circulation, to ensure soymilk have good coagulating temperature to get Good / stable quality of Tofu. 

Automatic Tofu Coagulating Machine/Safety Defense of coagulating machine
Auto coagulating machine-2

To well control critical parameters, such quantitative of soymilk volume, coagulant adding volume, curd break time, Tofu water sucking time, total coagulating time to make sure your Tofu High quality & stable & uniform.

Traditional hand-made Tofu, you will need a Rich-experience worker to see and monitoring the coagulating process, to control soymilk temperature mixing with coagulant, how long should making Tofu curd break? Even need to control a precise time from coagulating to fill curd into Tofu mold. Too quick you will lose protein from coagulating, Too long your Tofu quality will become too hard, to dry…Even the rick-experience of worker is out of work, you will have BIG problem on making Tofu.

Yung Soon Lih Food Machine automatic coagulating machine, use PLC to memorize all-important Tofu production parameters to be The Brain of Rich-experienced worker, equipped automatic device to be the hand of rich-experienced.

Yung Soon Lih Food Machine engineer team will also help customer to figure out best recipe of the Tofu customer like, and write the setting parameters into PLC, write a Hand Book for customer backup. This is to help operators to reach 1 click to produce High quality of Tofu, even they are No Tofu production experience, just to pass some basic training then go on work. The system also separates the level of operator, Management users, to avoid the operator reset the parameters without authorities.

Auto pressing machine w Defense

Reference HMI (Silken Tofu) “optional” production parameters setting page
mode seeting -siken tofu

  PLC Program functional 

 1. Soymilk filling volume adjustable
 2. Agitation time set-able
 3. Coagulant mixture adding time set-able (Determine the volume)
 4. Curd break Counter clock wise / Clock wise (CCW/CW time set-able)
 5. Whey sucking time set-able
 6. Total coagulating time set-able 
 7. 5 sets of Tofu production parameters module set-able   


What is the sociability of YSL Tofu line?

Different kinds of Tofu have different texture, firmness and different meal application on your Table, Yung Soon Lih Food Machine- Tofu line is able sociable with optional device to produce Extra Firm Tofu, and Asian Silken Tofu.

silken_tofu_application _120KG


I want to learn use of Extra Firm Tofu & Herb Mixed Tofu? |

Extra Firm Tofu, and Herb Mixed Tofu, these 2 kinds of Tofu are facing to Western people market main stream market in United states, Europe because they are firmer, the Taste (Mouth feeling) is quite similar to animal meat, so it is very suitable for BBQ, putting Extra firm Tofu small cubes on to the PIZZA, and also small cubes into Salad.
silken_tofu_application _120KG

What kind of Tofu we can produce? |

Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Standard Tofu line is able to produce Natural Standard Tofu & Firm Tofu these 2 kinds of Tofu in different firmness. 

With optional devices you will be able to produce Extra Firm Tofu, Herb or Mixed Tofu & Silken Tofu, to expand your production & Sales.

| How many Tofu we can have?  |

Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Tofu line, equipped with upstream soymilk extracting system at dry soybean process capacity 100 to 120kg/HR, with equivalent design of Yung Soon Lih Food Machine coagulating machine design, the Tofu line is able to produce Natural Standard Tofu at 30 to 35 molds per HR or Firm Tofu at 20 to 25 molds per HR, each mold of Tofu weight around 8.7kgs.    



Yung Soon Lih provides 24-hour online consultation, cooperates with engineers to solve customers’ problems by the remote operation, saves people's round-trip time and labor cost, and solves customer problems in a timely and rapid manner.

In addition, food manufacturers who just started their business or expanded their factories, our senior engineers will go to the company site to survey and help you to planning the layout. In the past 30 years, Yung Soon Lih had built up a good partnership with our global customers like Czech Republic, Poland, Canada and also transfer the technical know-how of produced soy milk and tofu to our customers. We were committed to becoming turnkey solution provider.

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Dry Soybean Processing: 220kg/hr – Premium Tofu Production Package. - Dry Soybean Processing: 220kg/hr – Premium Tofu production Package. | Taiwan-Based Soybean Processing Equipment Manufacturer Since 1989 | Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Co., Ltd.

Based in Taiwan since 1989, Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Co., Ltd. has been a Dry Soybean Processing: 220kg/hr – Premium Tofu Production Package. manufacturer that is specilized in soy bean, soy milk and tofu making sectors. Unique design soy milk and tofu production lines built with ISO and CE certifications, sold in 40 countries with solid reputation.

We are the first food machine manufacturer whom developed the European Tofu turn-key production line, which can produce Asian Tofu, and Soy Milk processing equipment. Our tofu production machines are specially design and able to produce Tofu Burger, Vegetable Tofu, Smoked Tofu, Tofu Sausage to satisfy consumers' demand from the American and European market.