Grinding & Okara Separating & Cooking Machine

Simple Tofu Maker, Soy Milk Maker

Simple Tofu Maker, Soy Milk Maker

Able to produce Tofu, Soy Milk and silken Tofu. Simple Tofu, soymilk maker only one operator needed, small production area required, easy to clean and maintenance.

High Nutritional Long Shelf Life Soymilk

High Nutritional Long Shelf Life Soymilk

Soy Milk is rich in vegetable protein content and soya bean lecithin. They are benefit for human body and zero overhead. We provide customized soymilk production line design to reach labor reducing and production efficiency increasing.


Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Grinding & Okara Separating & Cooking Machine Service Introduction

Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Co., Ltd. is a Taiwanese supplier and manufacturer in food machinery industry. Yung Soon Lih Food Machine has been offering customers high-quality food machines since 1989.

We are the first food machine manufacturer whom developed the European Tofu turn-key production line, which can produce Asian Tofu, and Soy Milk processing equipment. Our tofu production machines are specially design and able to produce Tofu Burger, Vegetable Tofu, Smoked Tofu, Tofu Sausage to satisfy consumers' demand from the American and European market.

Grinding & Okara Separating & Cooking Machine

Automatic Soybean Grinding And Okara Separating And Cooking Machine

Grinding & Separating at the same time, and cook soybean milk directly. Measure the soybean milk concentration before heating. This way is easy to control the soybean milk concentration, and helping you increase quality and accuracy of produce soybean milk.

Cooking Functional:

Temperature control, time control, mixer and delivery soybean milk are automatic. From Grinding to cooking, the automatic continuous line could raise the protein extractor, reduce the labor and improve production efficiency.

Elimination device of soybean milk foam(Special Design):

When boiling of soybean milk, it will generate a lot of foam. Bubble will affect the appearance of tofu. In general add the defoamer to solve the problem.
We especially design the elimination device of soybean milk foam without add defoamer to achieve no bubble effect. The most important is we help customer produce the nature Tofu.


  • Elimination device of soybean milk foam with patent design, make tofu don't need to add defoamer.
  • Soybean milk concentration adjustable could improve the product's quality control.
  • HMI, mechanical press-key, settable program parameter are easy to operator.
  • High efficient grinding and separating make low moisture of okara, moving okara easily and cost down.
  • Functional machine with small size, high production, easy to operator, install and clean.
  • SUS#304 material.
  • According to CE standard.
  • Automatic operator.


Capacity: 60HZ / 50 ~ 60 kg/hr
Capacity: 50HZ / 40 ~ 50 kg/hr
Capacity: 60HZ / 100 ~ 120 kg/hr
Capacity: 50HZ / 80 ~ 100 kg/hr
Capacity: 60HZ / 200 ~ 240 kg/hr
Capacity: 50HZ / 160 ~ 200 kg/hr

Remark: The grinding soymilk concentration is 12.5°.


  • Suitable for the Grinding & Separating & Cooking of Soybean and Black Bean. It's able to produce Regular Tofu (Firm Tofu), Silken Tofu (Soft Tofu), Fried Tofu, Vegetable Tofu (Tofu with Vegetable and Herbs), Tofu Burger (Tofu Patty), Tofu Sausage, soybean milk (Long Life soybean milk), Fresh soybean milk, Dried tofu, Dou Hua (like Tofu Pudding).

Grinding and Separating the soybean, heating the soymilk, vent out the okara.

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