5 S Advantages of Our Easy Tofu Maker

5 S Advantages of Our Easy Tofu Maker

2016/09/05 Yung Soon Lih Food Machine
5 S Advantages of Our Easy Tofu Maker - Start A Business With Easy Tofu Machine
Start A Business With Easy Tofu Machine

Consumer's food quality requirements have been increasing in Taiwan. We have also encountered food safety issues in recent years. These make the food production process and sources to get an increasing attention from customers.

Tofu and Soy milk, especially boxed tofu and bottled soy beverages, are manufactured by big food companies. But more and more consumers now want to know where their food comes from and what processes it has undergone. Today, many people from the younger generation want to create their own start-up business. Additionally, young people invest their enthusiasm and creativity in their business. And, with these factors, a wave of tofu and soy milk concept stores has formed.

However, there are more and more chinese companies that are entering the Tofu and soy beverages equipment market. It has a big negative effect on food equipment manufacturers from Taiwan. In order to break the impact of low-cost devices in China, we listen to the voice of our customers, then according to their needs and demands, we improve our products and services.

Now, our Easy Tofu Maker is not only exported to overseas markets, but also got adopted and accepted by five-star hotels, high-priced supermarket chain and famous restaurant chain.

You may wonder what factors make them purchase our equipments. Today we summarize 5 S advantages of our Easy Tofu Machine to share with you.
1S is Smart: with PLC control program for quantitative Soy milk & coagulant filling amount, which will help you to easily control the Tofu quality.
2S is Stainless steel made: SUS304 machine & structure, Good durability, Easy to clean with high sanitary level.
3S is Small production area needed, and one operator needed, it is easy to start a Tofu & Soy milk business.
4S is Small amount investment, your investment is quickly returned .
5S is Simple operation to start your Tofu business very easily and quickly. We also offer a compact training for our customers.

If you are interested in the Easy Tofu Maker, you are welcome to contact us.

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    YUNG SOON LIH FOOD MACHINE's Easy Tofu Maker(Start A Business with Easy Tofu Machine, Multi-Function Compact Tofu) is multi-function 5 in 1. Grinding & Separating 2. Cooking & Pumping 3. Coagulating 4. Stirring and filling 5. Pressing and moldingEasy Tofu Maker suitable for supermarket and chain store, smallest working area request, 6 ~ 8 ㎡ is enough to do the installation. It is recommended to serve in supermarket or restaurant where is close to the consumer. People can easily understand the way you make fresh tofu and satisfied with your tofu products. This is only one machine, but included multi-function, you can also supply Tofu, soy milk, Silken Tofu (Soft Tofu)...etc., many products you can supply together. It is the most valuable machine to invest for a Tofu shop.

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