Soy Milk Production Line

Simple Tofu Maker, Soy Milk Maker

Simple Tofu Maker, Soy Milk Maker

Able to produce Tofu, Soy Milk and silken Tofu. Simple Tofu, soymilk maker only one operator needed, small production area required, easy to clean and maintenance.

High Nutritional Long Shelf Life Soymilk

High Nutritional Long Shelf Life Soymilk

Soy Milk is rich in vegetable protein content and soya bean lecithin. They are benefit for human body and zero overhead. We provide customized soymilk production line design to reach labor reducing and production efficiency increasing.


Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Soy Milk Production Line Service Introduction

Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Co., Ltd. is a Taiwanese supplier and manufacturer in food machinery industry. Yung Soon Lih Food Machine has been offering customers high-quality food machines since 1989.

We are the first food machine manufacturer whom developed the European Tofu turn-key production line, which can produce Asian Tofu, and Soy Milk processing equipment. Our tofu production machines are specially design and able to produce Tofu Burger, Vegetable Tofu, Smoked Tofu, Tofu Sausage to satisfy consumers' demand from the American and European market.

Soy Milk Production Line

Long Life Soy milk Production Line

Soy Milk Production Line - Long Life Soy milk Production Line
Long Life Soy milk Production Line


Animal protein and vegetable protein are the two major sources of human intake for protein. For beverage products, milk production is still far higher than soybean milk production in the world. However, cholesterol-free soybean milk and low saturated fatty acid content can effectively prevent cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, rapid increase of population, resulting in a rapid rise in milk demand and price. Due to a variety of factors, soybean milk gradually gets its attention.

At present, worldwide soybean milk sales grow by 10-20% each year. Some customers in some regions like drinking fresh soybean milk while some like extended shelf-life soybean milk (ex: aluminum foil packaging). The latter is popular in areas including: Australia, America, Europe, Japan, the Mainland China and Southeast Asia. In the US market, the soybean milk sales amount to 25% of those in soybean products and grow rapidly by 20% annually. In the mainland China, the average per capita consumption is above 20 kilograms of milk, but merely 1 kilogram in soybean milk. Nevertheless, the Chinese consumers gradually increase their willingness in purchasing soybean milk after the melamine incident. Soybean milk manufacturers almost doubled revenue growth from 2010 to 2014. The prospect of the potential of the market growth is very considerable.

As our service experience, the soybean milk production lines of our design and manufacture can be seen in America, Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia, and we also have sales people engaged in routine visits and market information collection each year. We not only provide production line design and device manufacture, but also are glad to share precious market information with our clients. The following production line devices and single-function products are customized. Inquiries for more product information are welcome.

Below is Soymilk Production Line (Long Life Soymilk Production Line)

operating processor flow chart for your reference.
Long Life Soymilk Production Line
Step Process
  1. Feeding Soybean to Dry Beans Tank by worker.
  2. Transferring Soybean from Dry Beans Tank to Soybean Soaking & Washing Machine by Soybean Transferring Machine (Screw Soybean transferring Machine or Vacuum Soybean transferring Machine). It's saving time and labor cost, no need for labor to deliver Soybean.
  3. Soybean Washing and Soaking. Choose our Soybean Soaking & Washing Machine to cost down for labor charge and upgrade quality.
  4. Soybean grinding and separating in Automatic Soybean Grinding & Okara Separating Machine (or Automatic Soybean Twin Grinding & Okara Separating Machine).
  5. Delivering Soybean okara by Okara Transportation Machine.
  6. We offer two type of Soymilk cooking machine for our customer to choose, one is General Automatic Soymilk Cooking Machine, another is CE Soymilk Cooking Machine (CE Automatic Soymilk Cooking Machine).
  7. Soymilk Storage Tank are the foolproof mechanism for Soymilk production lines - a measure for quality management to keep the lines in normal operation.
  8. Sugar is added to elevate the flavor of soy milk depending upon diverse needs of markets and customers.
  9. Soymilk Mixing & Seasoning Machine – making sugar and Soymilk blend fully.
  10. Using Soymilk Twin Filter Machine to remove mainly residues from expansion of boiled pulp and too large whey sugar particles.
  11. Using High Pressure Soymilk Homogenizer, it make concentration of Soymilk to be more even.
  12. Using Plate Heat Exchanger Machine to increasing temperature of Soymilk.
  13. Filling & Sealing Equipment customized design by customers' capacity request.It including Bottle Rinser Machine, Rotary Bottle Washing Machine, Filling & Foil Cap Forming Machine, Screw Cap Machine, Pressing Cap Machine. Customized design by customers' capacity request.
  14. Soymilk to be sealed will be put into the sterilization cooling device to extend its preservation life.
  15. Drying bottle of Soymilk by Air Knife Drying Machine.
  16. We offer Auto. Carton Erector and Sealer helping your Soymilk product line to packing carton quickly.


Please feel free to let us know if you need any further information about Tofu and Soymilk making machine.
Also, please let us know the name of machine you interested in, and which kind of product would you like to produce and daily expect capacity required to provide proper solution for you.
With this information, it would be easier for our sales to provide total solutions for you which you exactly needs.
We had more than 30 years' experience to manufacture Tofu, Soymilk Processing Machine, we are willing to share our Tofu, Soymilk producing experience to you for helping you to complete your production line and production efficiency increasing.

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