Affordable Startup Plan to Vegan Tofu Business

Affordable Startup Plan to Vegan Tofu Business

2020/11/19 Yung Soon Lih Food Machine
Affordable Startup Plan to Vegan Tofu Business - Affordable_Startup_Plan_to_Tofu_Business

This is a helpful programmer which allows you to spread payments over a specific period. Just pay the required down payment on your chosen Easy Tofu Maker (Compact tofu machine) or Tofu Legend series, and for the balance payment, we offer 0% interest-free plan on 4 installments of 2 years financing with L/C irrevocable letter. You will enjoy the financial release, and pioneer your prosperous business at the same time.


The potential markets will be supermarkets, vegan restaurants, self-employed food businesses, and so on. Surely you have the whole plan from making to the selling, also have the financial support from YSL.


Our tofu maker machine equips with incredible features. The tofu maker has only one control interface, and one operator to operate the procedure from soybean grinding to make tofu, also firm tofu, silken tofu, tofu pudding, etc. with hygiene and safety design.


After COVID-19, the market research analysts predict the market will boom on plant-based food, meat-alternative, meatless food. Especially, Tofu, a plant-based with high protein food, is in high speed increasing nowadays. Humans are more aware of the importance of Health, eco-friendly, and animal protection.


You and YSL are on this tofu market trend. Now, it is a great opportunity to make use of the financial aid, and you definitely grab a win-win situation by getting profits immediately while you operate the tofu business with risk free.


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