Affordable Startup Plan to Vegan Tofu Business


Affordable Startup Plan to Vegan Tofu Business

2020/11/19 Yung Soon Lih Food Machine
Affordable Startup Plan to Vegan Tofu Business - Affordable_Startup_Plan_to_Tofu_Business

This is a helpful programmer which allows you to spread payments over a specific period. Just pay the required down payment on your chosen Easy Tofu Maker (Compact tofu machine) or Tofu Legend series, and for the balance payment, we offer 0% interest-free plan on 4 installments of 2 years financing with L/C irrevocable letter. You will enjoy the financial release, and pioneer your prosperous business at the same time.


The potential markets will be supermarkets, vegan restaurants, self-employed food businesses, and so on. Surely you have the whole plan from making to the selling, also have the financial support from YSL.


Our tofu maker machine equips with incredible features. The tofu maker has only one control interface, and one operator to operate the procedure from soybean grinding to make tofu, also firm tofu, silken tofu, tofu pudding, etc. with hygiene and safety design.


After COVID-19, the market research analysts predict the market will boom on plant-based food, meat-alternative, meatless food. Especially, Tofu, a plant-based with high protein food, is in high speed increasing nowadays. Humans are more aware of the importance of Health, eco-friendly, and animal protection.


You and YSL are on this tofu market trend. Now, it is a great opportunity to make use of the financial aid, and you definitely grab a win-win situation by getting profits immediately while you operate the tofu business with risk free.


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  • Start a business with Easy Tofu Machine - Compact Tofu Processor
    Start a business with Easy Tofu Machine

    The Easy Tofu Maker is convenient in production process as it adopts a semi-automatic operating system, which can adjust parameters and set different modules according to product characteristics. It has an intelligent and simple operating process that can be used by one person, to save labor costs, diversify product items, and user-friendly PLC control interface thus to smoothen the operation process. It not only makes the production process faster, but also simplifies the process. The soybeans grinding and separating processes are completed at one time. The constant pressure water tank has automatic water supply which is more effectively and stably control the concentration of soy milk. After grinding and separating processes, the Easy Tofu Maker will cook the soybean milk. As the high concentration soy milk is more difficult to clean than the low-concentration soy milk, this machine is designed to shorten the production pipeline to reduce soy milk residue in the pipeline, thus it can reduce cleaning process and improve production efficiency. In addition, the Easy Tofu Maker can set two-stage cooking method, which uses large volume of steam to quickly cook and then cooks with small volume of steam to make the soy milk mellower, and it also combines the stirring process in its tofu production process. The pumping and adding of coagulant are controlled by software by setting timer, this machine also has quantitative filling and automatic stirring functions. Some relevant parameters such as mixing and stirring can be set according to the different characteristics of each product. The features of this machine such as automatic mixing of the coagulant and circulation the pipeline can avoid the precipitation problem. The tofu mold is automatically moved up and down after the automatic filling into molding device. It also speed up the filling of bean curd to save labor cost and mix the bean curd evenly. The two-stage pressure can be set from tofu pressing to forming process, the pressure can be switched automatically. The manufacturing process of Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Co., Ltd complies with CE international certification, including Regular Tofu (Firm Tofu), Silken Tofu (Soft Tofu), Dried Tofu, Soy Milk, Tofu Pudding, and etc. The Easy Tofu Maker has various functions such as grinding and separating machine, soymilk cooking machine, coagulating and curd breaking machine, and a tofu pressing machine. The most competitive advantages of this Easy Tofu Maker are small size, low budget, easy to operate and time-saving in cleaning process, thus it is very popular among the buyers.

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  • Exquisite Tofu Maker Machine - Small scale tofu machinery
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    Tofu Legend is a compulsory machine for small tofu factories as it can produce continuously, maximize the output, and occupy a small area. Tofu Legend machine can process soybeans up to 35 kg ~ 40 kg dry beans per hour, 60-90 kg wet beans, by using continuous cooking (8 procedures: anti-scald device), there is no need to add defoamer during cooking, and the continuous cooking temperature can reach 105°C to adjust the flavor of soy milk. Therefore, it can continuously produce tofu. It only takes 5 minutes from grind the beans to having well-cooked soymilk, and it is absolutely worth investment machine. This equipment has a built-in Hot water generator without additional purchase. It can also be connected to the rear filling part and those spare parts can be flexibly added to this equipment according to customer’s demand. Tofu Legend is more focused on design details of the equipment, the golden ratio is designed for the angle of feeding area to smoothen the feeding process. Besides, the grinding and separating machine has pull-push hidden design for space-saving purpose, its motor is a waterproof device, and the multi-functional hand handle can be used for storage purpose.Automation of tofu machinery and equipment employs, degassing design, reduce bean odor and equipped with overheating protection program, automatic quantitative addition of coagulant, automatic pulping, more comprehensive improvement in PLC automatic control with simple operating system, digital operation of the whole process, easily operated as it has a semi-automatic operating system, one person can operate this machine. This machine is made of stainless steel and conforms to food safety and hygiene regulations. The CIP pipeline can be cleaned after production, easy to clean and maintain, and it has perfect sales service and teaching system, to gain low-cost profit, fast production, in line with market trends, ready to sell and eat at store, and to keep the quality visible. It is suitable for retailers who produce tofu and develop new products, thus it becomes the best machine for franchise stores! And it is popular among overseas buyers from small tofu factories! #fast tofu、dried tofu、latte di soia、japanese tofu、tofu seco

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