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    What do you think are the advantages of automated tofu equipment for production factories?
    27 Feb, 2024

    1. Improve production efficiency: Automated tofu equipment can greatly improve production efficiency, reduce the steps and time of manual operation, and thus increase production. The automated tofu equipment can automate these processes, only one person can complete the entire production process, the production efficiency can be increased by several times.

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    What do you think is the most important factor causing labor shortage in tofu factories nowadays?
    22 Feb, 2024

    Poor working environment: The working environment in tofu factories is often humid and stuffy, and requires long hours of standing work, which makes the work more intense.

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    Global Tofu Market Growth Rate
    30 Jan, 2024

    During the market research shows as the global tofu market size reached US$ 2.8 Billion in 2023.

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    Chinese New Year 2024
    17 Jan, 2024

    EVERSOON will always be with you during every popular holiday!

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    Why can tofu be blended with any food?
    12 Jan, 2024

    Tofu is an exceptionally versatile and multifaceted ingredient

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    Eversoon X TikTok
    12 Jan, 2024

    Would you want to get more info about auto tofu machine, tofu equipment, plant-based food system?

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    Efficiency in Twin Grinding Machine
    09 Jan, 2024

    Grinding represent an important role in the production process of soy milk and tofu. They are not only closely related to the production capacity of soy milk and tofu, but also have significant implications for production efficiency.

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    EVERSOON F1404 Automatic Grinding and Okara Separating Machine
    03 Jan, 2024

    F1404 fully automatic machine is designed with four-grinding and separating machine. It not only increases the extraction rate of soybean protein and production capacity, also can reduces production waste and maintain the product quality and stability.

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    Happy New Year 2024
    27 Dec, 2023

    All the best and happy new year in 2024~

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    Why Continuous Tofu Pressing Machine so important ?
    22 Dec, 2023

    Tofu molds are stacked and transported to the tofu press station, Tofu press conveyor belt synchronized displacement, automatic positioning of tofu molds, the presses are lowered together to press down on the tofu mold. The force and time of pressure application are automatically controlled without workers adjustment and move, also standardizes the firmness of the tofu.

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    Why Dairy Companies Choose to Make Tofu?
    19 Dec, 2023

    1. Market Diversification: As a popular plant-based protein source, tofu can help dairy companies enter the vegan or plant-based market and meet the needs of different consumer segments.2. Consumer Trends: As health and environmental awareness grows, more and more consumers are favoring plant-based foods. By producing tofu, dairy companies can capitalize on this trend and increase their market share.

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    Christmas is coming soon~
    12 Dec, 2023

    December season is a time for joy, celebration, and, let's be honest, indulgence. However, it doesn't have to be a free-for-all leading to unnecessary weight gain.

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