We are a taiwanese manufacturer of Tofu and Soymilk machinery. We also provide Tofu and Soy Beverages core technology guidance and transfer to our global partners.


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28Aug 2017
Welcome to visit EVERSOON

We are a food machinery manufacturer from Taiwan. We specialize in providing total solutions for soybean food processing, including tofu, soybean milk production line. We also offer vegan meat machines. It can be used to produce multiple kinds of vegan meat products including vegan burger meat, vegetarian steak, vegan chicken chicken cubes, vegan hot dog, vegan sausage, vegan cod fish filet, vegan Japanese BBQ eel, vegan fried beltfish and vegetarian mince. According to our experience in the European market for over 20 years, we especially recommend the following products to customers in Europe:

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15Jul 2017
The market trends you cannot miss – the vegan meat food market whose annual growth rate of the value of output surpasses 10%

Over 100 food exhibitions and food equipment exhibitions are held every year all around the world, among them, there are already more than 50 exhibitions which focus on vegetarian food, especially in France, India and Taïwan. Every year the number of the food exhibitions and food equipment exhibitions held in many places in the world is at least 100, but the number of the exhibitions that are held with a focus on vegetarian food in many places has already surpassed 50, including France, India, Taiwan, and so on.Where does that worldwide infatuation for vegetarian food comes from ? These three big figures show that the market for vegetarian food is very huge and this is the reason why we need to invest in vegan meat machines (soya meat machine) and vegan meat manufacturing technologies:

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28Apr 2017
New Machine Introduce - Six Advantages of the Cooked Pulp Type of Soymilk Maker

The soymilk production process can be divided into two kinds. One is the Cooked Pulp System (Separate Okara after cooking), the other is the Health Pulp System (Separate Okara before cooking). The Cooked Pulp System, which grinds soybeans without separating soymilk from Okara, then both are cooked in the Cooking Machine; after they are well cooked, then okara separation will be performed. And the Health Pulp System, in which okara will be immediately separated from soymilk after soybeans are ground and soymilk (without okara) will be cooked. These two kinds of soymilk production Systems have their own supporters.

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05Dec 2016
05Sep 2016
5 S Advantages of Our Easy Tofu Maker

Consumer's food quality requirements have been increasing in Taiwan. We have also encountered food safety issues in recent years. These make the food production process and sources to get an increasing attention from customers.Tofu and soymilk, especially boxed tofu and bottled soy beverages, are manufactured by big food companies. But more and more consumers now want to know where their food comes from and what processes it has undergone. Today, many people from the younger generation want to create their own start-up business. Additionally, young people invest their enthusiasm and creativity in their business. And, with these factors, a wave of tofu and soybean milk concept stores has formed.However, there are more and more chinese companies that are entering the Tofu and soy beverages equipment market. It has a big negative effect on food equipment manufacturers from Taiwan. In order to break the impact of low-cost devices in China, we listen to the voice of our customers, then according to their needs and demands, we improve our products and services.Now, our Easy Tofu Maker is not only exported to overseas markets, but also got adopted and accepted by five-star hotels, high-priced supermarket chain and famous restaurant chain.You may wonder what factors make them purchase our equipments. Today we summarize 5 S advantages of our Easy Tofu Machine to share with you. 1S is Smart: with PLC control program for quantitative soymilk & coagulant filling amount, which will help you to easily control the Tofu quality. 2S is Stainless steel made: SUS304 machine & structure, Good durability, Easy to clean with high sanitary level. 3S is Small production area needed, and one operator needed, it is easy to start a Tofu & soymilk business. 4S is Small amount investment, your investment is quickly returned . 5S is Simple operation to start your Tofu business very easily and quickly. We also offer a compact training for our customers.If you are interested in the Easy Tofu Maker, you are welcome to contact us.

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02Sep 2016
European Tofu will Sweeping Asia - Cause Asian Food Company Attention

Last week, thirty visitors came to visit our company. They are all successful in their businesses: some manage beverage chain stores, some manufacture soft drinks and water, some manage restaurants and others produce cookies and snack food. Although they come from various grounds, they are all optimistic about the development of soybean foods in the future!We have been a tofu and soymilk equipment manufacturer for over 30 years. In addition to machinery manufacturing and integration of mechanical and electrical devices, we also invest our resources to survey the soybean food and beverage market. And it became a virtual database for our customers.Therefore, we shared our market information on tofu in this meeting. When tofu spread to Europe, manufacturers changed their production methods of tofu and assimilated it into local culture and eating habits successfully. For example, the Chinese used to buy firm tofu and soft tofu, and then seasoned and cooked it by themselves. But most Europeans didn’t know how to cook tofu. Therefore, the European market has evolved and now offers a wide range of ready-to-eat tofu products, which are already seasoned and cooked. European customers thus purchase tofu in the supermarket, then unpack and take it to the microwave to heat. Therefore, preparing tofu becomes completely easy. This way makes it easier to integrate tofu into the European market.Today, this tofu diet culture of innovation has been passed back to Asia. It has raised a lot of interest in vegetarian and health-conscious consumers. McDonald's combined soybean and tofu to develop vegetarian chicken in Japan. It has already caused a shock in the Asian market. So we introduced this production process of European tofu. You can also visit our factory to see new types of tofu machines.Thanks to the thirty visitors who came to YSL Food Machine. If you are interested in European tofu, your are Welcome to contact us.

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28Jun 2016
YSL FOOD MACHINE get the Excellent Award in product competition of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 has set off a boom in Taiwan. Counseling with Industrial Development Bureau Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan Food & Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturers' Association (TFPMA) have been holding a product competition of Industry 4.0.YSL FOOD MACHINE stood out from the dozens of vendors in this competition, we got the Excellent Award. Domestic food machinery industries focused in single function machines because few companies have the ability to produce the entire food production line. Thus, it is not mature enough to integrate datas of production, sales and management. However, YSL FOOD MACHINE has worked in the tofu and soybean milk production line business for more than 10 years.We have customers all over Europe and America. In order to provide better logistics services, and to satisfy the demand from the European and American guests of reduced labor, we developed an entire apparatus of information integration, distant connections and other functions early. So our customers didn't have to worry about product manufactering related problems and could focus on rising their market share. The jury admired this technology integration that we have developed.If you are interested in automatic tofu and soymilk production, please send us an email to the following address: yslfood@yslfood.com

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27Jun 2016
Thank you for coming to Taiwan joining 2016 Foodtech & Pahrmatech Taipei

We are wery thankful to everyone from around the world, who visited our stand to discover YSL FOOD MACHINE’S latest food equipment. They allowed us to have a great outside insight of our new products, which included the Smart Cooker (Smart Soybean Milk Cooker) and the New Generation of Double Grinding & Separating Machine. Many customers offered us valuable suggestions to make our R & D team improve the products on demand. In return, many guests got the latest tofu, soymilk market information and know how from our team.Our sales team has systematically listed customes information from this exhibition, and began to contact with buyers. If you have other needs, you are welcome to leave us your information at the following address: yslfood@yslfood.com

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27Jan 2016
We will assist you to grasp Market Information of Tofu & soybean milk.

In order to promote tofu and soymilk which have a high nutrition value and to help you engage in their production, YUNG SOON LIH FOOD MACHINE has regularly delivered emails about Tofu & soymilk market information, Soybean food health information, Tofu recipes...etc., since 2016. We welcome you to leave your contact information to ensure that you keep up with the latest market information on tofu and soymilk.

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