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13Oct 2021
Dry Soybean Processing: 220kg/hr – Premium Tofu production Package.

F1402 design with 2 sets of YSL 10HP high speed grinder, is able to reach 220kgs dry bean hourly Safety activation, also getting best soy protein extraction performance.At each grinder, 1ST grinder is using recycle soymilk and feeding with well soaked soybean into 1ST grinder, after 1ST grinder’s grinding and separating, we will have soymilk slurry to the buffer tank, together with Okara, then the Okara will be delivered into an agitating device to mix with water. The mixed Okara / Water will go into 2nd grinder for double grinding, do double extracting to get recycle lightly soymilk (Brix roughly 2 to 3), and pump to first grinder to go to 1st grinder with soy bean.On the 2nd grinder is equipped with Frequency drive to enhance the centrifuge speed and getting drier Okara. The Okara of 2nd grinder will be transported by a screw device, then use high speed Brower to deliver Okara to the destination of Okara storage container. The aim of double grinding is to increase extracting rate of soymilk. YSL grinding system is equipped with water pressure balance tank and automatic beans feeding device to quantitative feed water and soybean to the grinder for precise control the Brix.

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12Oct 2021
``Okara'' will be the next-generation raw material for plant meat in the future, and it can also be used to make cultured meat!

There is not even dregs left! ``Okara'' will be the next-generation raw material for plant meat in the future, and it can also be used to make cultured meat! The University of Singapore, Finland, and Lithuania began using "Okara" to make plant meat in June 2021. Researchers said that Okara is not only expected to become a low-calorie, high-fiber source of plant meat raw materials, it may also replace fetal bovine serum (FBS) to cultivate future meat! Rising global plant meat market is closely related to sustainability. If the bean dregs, which are mostly unusable at present, can be reused, it will not only be nutritious and high-fiber, but can also reduce and slow down surplus food.

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06Sep 2021

YSL Tofu line, equipped with upstream soymilk extracting system at dry soybean process capacity 100 to 120kg/HR, with equivalent design of YSL coagulating machine design, the Tofu line is able to produce Natural Standard Tofu at 30 to 35 molds per HR or Firm Tofu at 20 to 25 molds per HR, each mold of Tofu weight around 8.7kgs. https://www.yslfood.com/en/product/Dry-Soybean-Processing-120kghr-Premium-Tofu-production-Package/120kgs+dry+bean+HR+Automatic+Tofu+production+line.html

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20Aug 2021
2020-2024 Health benefits of tofu will increase market demand

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The global tofu market size is poised to grow by USD 140.37 million during 2020-2024, progressing at a CAGR of over 3% throughout the forecast period, according to the latest report by Technavio. The report offers an up-to-date analysis regarding the current market scenario, latest trends and drivers, and the overall market environment. The tofu market is driven by the health benefits of tofu. Tofu is one of the world's most concentrated sources of high-quality vegetable protein. The frozen, dried tofu has twice the protein of beef, fish, and chicken, and negligible cholesterol levels. It also contains a wide range of essential amino acids and is a rich source of calcium, iron, and phosphorus. Genistein, a predominant isoflavone present in soy, has antioxidant properties that hinder the growth of cancer cells. Soy isoflavones present in tofu are also known to decrease bone loss and increase bone mineral density during menopause. Growing Adoption of the Vegan Lifestyle will be a Key Market Trend Veganism has become a style of living and philosophy. The vegan diet strongly favors animal rights, and vegan consumers do not consume meat. This can positively affect the global tofu market, as vegan consumers will look out for more plant-based alternatives such as soy-based foods. Tofu has gained popularity over the years, especially as a vegetarian and vegan-approved source of protein. Vegan diet followers and healthy diet adopters are the major targeted consumers for soy milk and cream. Reference: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20201020005823/en/Tofu-Market-2020-2024-Health-Benefits-of-Tofu-will-Accelerate-Market-Demand-Technavio

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18Aug 2021
The value of extrusion dehydrator has doubled!

The most important thing in the production process is how to manage and save costs. The production of soy milk and tofu must go through grinding and separation processes. However, the extraction value will be higher if okara undergoes second separation process. Thus, it is important to choose good production equipment to generate income for company. Yung Soon Lih’s cooked soy milk extrusion dehydrator can squeeze the okara under high pressure, and the okara is drier than the traditional filtration method. It makes the soy milk extraction more efficient and able to extract more protein. The dried okara is lighter in weight, thus greatly reduce the handling cost of okara. Screw extrusion dehydrator is a kind of equipment used for coagulation and dehydration. It is mainly composed of screw, cylindrical cover and cone. The screw shaft and the output shaft of the reducer are connected by a flexible coupling. Screw extrusion dehydration is used for dehydration of high humidity okara materials. Screw extrusion: After the okara entering the screw extrusion dehydrator through the feed hopper, the okara is compressed in volume under the action of the taper screw shaft and the reducing screw, so that the water in the okara is quickly separated through the hole-shaped filter. When the okara is continuously compressed, the moisture content of the okara gradually decreases to form the squeezed okara, which will be discharged from the machine under the action of screw conveying process. Soybean juice is squeezed out from cooked soy milk -> separation -> okara is transported out -> heat preservation and transportation of soy milk Typical Product Applicable products: Suitable for the grinding and separation operation of soybeans and other types of beans. It can be used to produce regular tofu (firm tofu), silken tofu (soft tofu), fried tofu, vegetable tofu, tofu burger, tofu sausage, long-lasting soy milk, fresh soy milk, dried tofu, and tofu pudding.

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06Aug 2021
If you love tofu, you can also become a ``Master of Tofu''!

If you love tofu, you can also become a ``Master of Tofu''! Tofu has high nutritional value, and the taste is mostly soft and slippery. The color and size of the beans are inconsistent, and some beans are sweeter or have a stronger bean flavor. The heavier beans can use production equipment to improve this problem, and they are not the same in eating and eating. In Japan, there is a ``tofu master'' Ms. Shiori Kudo. She is obsessed with tofu. She eats tofu as a snack, and tastes the delicious tofu with a variety of Chinese and Western methods. She started to study tofu because of her love of tofu. Efforts are made to hold tofu tasting meetings and lectures, through this method, let everyone understand the benefits of tofu, if consumers can understand tofu in more detail, their diet will be richer, and the industry will bring more business opportunities and make it delicious Can pass on. The impact of the current epidemic has also caused people to change their diets. The demand for eating vegetarian food or using less meat (instead of meat) has increased. The demand for tofu in European and American countries has also increased. It has also increased, and the demand on the market is large, and the expansion of the plant has also increased. It is a good choice to invest in tofu production! #Vegetable protein plant #TOFU Production Line #TOFU cuisine # Instead of meat #vegetarian diet #TOFUburger

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03Aug 2021
Obesity is a growing health problem in recent years

Obesity is a growing health problem in recent years. Now, you can lose weight by eating tofu. Tofu becomes a nutritious and healthy food choice for weight loss. The dietary intake is the main factor to contribute healthy body. Tofu is rich in plant-based protein which is good for health. The excess calories intake can help to build up muscle and increase metabolism. Tofu is low in calories which can regulate blood sugar level. Tofu contains water and isoflavones, which can inhibit fat production. However, if tofu becomes main food source, we can have additional supplements such like vegetables and healthy oils such as avocado oil, flaxseed oil, olive oil, and etc. This is due to protein and heathy oils are key factors for women to lose weight without losing their breast size. The tofu protein can increase satiety and extend gastric emptying, it can relatively reduce desire for high calories foods that contain starch and fat. In the selection of tofu types, the traditional tofu has nutritional values such as calcium and vitamins, it has 8.5 grams of protein and its calories are 76kcal. Thus, you are more likely to feel full if eating traditional tofu. Besides, you also can choose soft tofu as it has 5.1 grams of protein and its calories are 60kcal. You can cook tofu dish by steaming, frying, and boiling, or can prepare as light meals such as salad. This can reduce body burden and help to lose weight. Reference source: https://health.tvbs.com.tw/nutrition/324442

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19Jul 2021
Learning effort during pandemic ~

Learning effort during pandemic ~ Online training - Valve body, pipe fittings application and design. Lecturer: Food Industry Research & Development Institute EHEDG Authorized Assessor/Dr. Yu-Ming Chen Different departments have joined this training through video~ YSL provides regular training to its employees in order to enhance their knowledge and exchange design ideas. Continuous learning~~

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07Jul 2021
Why can soybeans become the raw materials in food processing?

Soybeans are also called as magic beans, they are nutrient-rich and consist of high quality of proteins. The high content of protein in soybeans has become the best protein source for vegetarians. Therefore, soybeans are also called as "meat in the field". They have become the most popular raw materials in the food processing industry. They have high global growth rate and can be widely used in many applications. Applications: 1. To produce all kinds of soybean products, pressed soybean oil, refining soybean oil and also can extract protein from soybeans. 2. Okara or ground powder of soybeans are also commonly used in animal feed. (Of course~~They can also be used for creative cooking) 3. China, Japan and North Korea have thousand years of history of different softness level of tofu in the past. After processing of soybeans, they can also be made into soy sauce, tofu, soybean oil, miso, natto or fermented bean curd, soy milk beverage and various soybean products, and so on. 4. In European countries, hard tofu is mainly used for dairy products. Soybeans have high quality of proteins which is comparable meat proteins. The protein content in soybeans is doubled if compared with the same weight of meat.

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05Jul 2021
New Product Launch - Automatic Cutting Machine

New Product Launch - Automatic Cutting Machine Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Co., Ltd has been continuously researching and developing tofu cutting machine equipment. Currently, Yung Soon Lih has manual cutting machines, which meet the needs of small-scale production. For soft tofu, Yung Soon Lih provides customers with automatic underwater cutting machine. Besides, a series of parameters and machine modification research and development have been made for hard tofu cutting. Now the automatic cutting machine has completed the product testing and available in current market.

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18May 2021
All of us need to work hard to defend against COVID-19 outbreak in Taiwan.

All our colleagues were informed (demonstrated by team leader) to keep a distance from others of at least 1.5 meters in indoor environment and 1 meter in outdoor environment. We are encouraged to wash hands often with soap and use hand sanitizer with 75% alcohol. We also learned how to wear and take off masks in correct way. Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Co., Ltd strengthens these precaution steps against the epidemic ~ and honestly cooperates to ensure the health of the country, company, colleagues, our family and our customers. 1. Before punching card and entering office: Before entering the company, all colleagues must wear masks throughout the process, and measure body temperature when entering the factory, then go to the hand washing area to wash their hands (with soap) and disinfected with 75% alcohol spray. 2. During working time: Please wear a mask all the time, including leaving seat, talking or discussing with other colleagues. 3. During the meeting: Please wear a mask all the time and keep a distance (1 meter) between people during the meeting. 4. After using the meeting room, the room users are required to disinfect the meeting table and chairs with 75% alcohol. 5. During lunch time: Please return to own seat when eating lunch. Do not eat in the restaurant for now. 6. Please inform all manufacturers and visitors to register when entering the factory, including their names and contact numbers. 7. Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Co., Ltd will arrange body temperature measurement and 75% alcohol hand disinfection for our visitors before they entering our office. Everyone is responsible for epidemic prevention, wash hands frequently, maintain a safe social distance, small actions come with great protection~~ Yung Soon Lih always cares about you~

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22Apr 2021
Earth Day’s 51st Anniversary! Be environmentally friendly and love the Earth!!

Today is the 51st anniversary of Earth Day, the topic of environmental protection is still the top issue. In addition to the promotion from the government and commercial partners, everyone needs to start together, be environmentally friendly in daily life! To protect the Earth together, you want to save the Earth but you don’t know where to start? No worries! In response to the 51st anniversary of Earth Day, Taiwan Earth Day has listed 51 simple things that you can do in daily life, so please come to join these heartwarming acts and be environmentally friendly and love the Earth!! How to do it? 1. Entertainment 2. Diet 3. Dress up 4. Gain new knowledge and interact 5. Transportation 6. Social responsibility 7. Home or office lifestyle (Please refer to the chart description) Reduce plastic usage, encourage recycling, support green environmental protection, let us work together to maintain good environment. Become a Green Vanguard~ #51 simple things that can do in daily life to save the Earth. (Photo / Credit to Taiwan Environmental Information Association) #Plant-based protein #tofu #soy milk #dried bean curd https://www.marieclaire.com.tw/lifestyle/issue/56471?atcr=8a9754

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14Apr 2021
Being vegetarian is no longer a slogan! Social media encourages young people to change their eating habits, Flexible vegetarian food occupied for 42% of the world's population!

Are you fashionable yet? Under the trend of flexible vegetarianism in recent years, whether consumers are reducing their meat ingest due to health or environmental protection, it is undeniable that plant based on foods will be more popular. Plant based on foods are based on vegetable proteins the best is soy made products,such as soy milk, tofu, vegan butter, ice cream, bread, biscuits and so on. In order to meet market demand, the diversification of its products has become the motivation of various food companies to actively develop new products. However that vegetarian food products are the market trend.In terms of global consumers, the most healthier foods are the Important choice for them. According to the global survey report《Going Plant-Based: The Rise of Vegan and Vegetarian Food》made by Euromonitor International, a global market research in March 2021, on the prospects of vegetarians food,despite the global vegan population it is still in the minority, but the population who try to minimize the consumption of certain animal products is increasing. This group of "flexible vegetarian" population has occupied for 42% in the global population in 2020. They still do not completely reject animal products, but even more they preference to eat vegetarian food products or vegetables. The main reason for reducing the consumption of animal products is their health. This group of people is in the middle region between the eater and the non-eater of animal food, and they are seeking more plant foods options to carry out a diversified diet. The Euromonitor International report also pointed out that among this group of flexible vegetarians, 54% of Gen Z born after 1995 reduced their consumption of meat or other animal products, while the baby boomers born in the 1950s are here. The proportion of projects is 34%, showing that the younger generation seems to be looking for healthier and more ethical food choices. As the Z born original generation of the Internet, the Z generation uses Facebook and Instagram 70% of the time everyday. By posting and discussing on social platforms, it can be easier to call for and communicate a common sense, and it is like advocating environmental protection and protecting animal rights. The behavior of reducing meat eating tends to bring an imitative effect in the young groups, and community users can also gain a sense of belonging and recognition through participation. Refference: https://www.foodnext.net/news/industry/paper/5593576776

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12Mar 2021
The tofu market is growing rapidly, Catching on this business opportunity

Recently, the demand for tofu in European and American countries has increased greatly. It is said that the phenomenon that tofu cannot be bought in supermarkets in Germany still often occurs. Exploring the reasons behind this is mainly due to European and American countries. German citizens are increasingly targeting issues such as improving healthy diets and global warming issues for Earth protection action. According to data from the German city survey company Statista, the vegetarian population in Germany has reached the total population in 2019. 4% of about 2.8 million people, and it is still increasing among them. Yung Soon Lih would like to invite you to join Tofu production, let us do action for our health and protect our earth. Refference: https://news.cnyes.com/news/id/4439480

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22Jan 2021
19Nov 2020
16Oct 2020
15Sep 2020
01Sep 2020
31Jul 2020
Astonishing Growth of Meat Alternative

In daily life, meat alternative products, vegan foods gradually enter the market in the supermarket, retailer, etc,. We know it is the time when considering of being vegan or vegan business. The following reports are the prospect of meat alternative market. According to Vegan Society and Grand View Research, Inc., from 2012 to 2017, the meat-free food demand grew by 987%. Growing awareness about environmental concerns and health benefits has encouraged people to diet plant-based food products. The main vegan population is in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. As you may already know, plant-based food is rich in protein. Here is to know what is the benefit we will gain. People may maintain blood pressure levels and lower the risk of heart disease, stroke, prostate cancer by plant-based food products. Tofu is one of meat alternative products and the mainstream of this market trend as well. The procedure of plant-based products is simpler than meat-based. Want to start a business in such a tofu category? With expertise team back-up, you will secure the quality of products. Consumers can expect to gain the nutrition and save the environment by meat alternative, on the other hand, suppliers can grab the profit from it. reference: https://www.vegansociety.com/news/market-insights/meat-alternative-market https://www.grandviewresearch.com/industry-analysis/vegan-food-market

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22Jul 2020
3 Myths of Soy Bean Oil Debunked!

The difference between soybean oil and soybean salad oil is based on different degrees of refinement. Besides differentiated by color, moisture and volatile, CNS distinguished soybean salad oil from soybean oil based on acid value. The acid value of soybean oil is under the 0.6mg KOH/g and soybean salad oil is under the 0.15mg KOH/g. All of the plant oils will produce a minute quantity of trans fat in the processing. According to RDA of WHO, we should not worry about trans fat overdosing in our daily cooking oils. In terms of soybean oil, we should be attentive to change oils after the long-time and high temperatures usage. Besides, all of plant oils will produce trans fat under the misapplication, not to pick on the particular single oil. Edible oils are mainly for taking triglyceride, then the fatty acid of soybean oil is similar to sunflower oil. On the other hand, the price of plant oils is subject to the amount of ingredient and tariff.etc. Soybean is a cash crop that has quite a large-scale over the world. The amount of soybean is more than sunflower seed and olive which makes the price of soybean oil lower than others. However, there were lots of events about cooking oils in Taiwan which make consumers prefer higher price oil than the cheaper one. The concept that “cheaper oils have a negative effect on health ” should be corrected. From the point of essential fatty acid intake, soybean oil is rich in essential fatty acid, that still can benefit our health. Reference: https://health.udn.com/health/story/6037/2513406

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10Jul 2020
Why are Soy and Soy products common in Asia?

You should be interested in the topic "After Covid-19, 5 things to boost your business by 40%". It then goes on to 5 results guiding you to arrive at the new land. -1 in 5 products contain soy and soy ingredients: 22% of new food & beverages products includes soy and soy ingredients. - Soy protein still on top: soy protein found in nearly a third of launches with plant protein and hydrolyzed vegetable proteins gain market share. -FDA approves heart health claims for soy protein: nutritional scientists at the university claim that an average 5% reduction in cholesterol levels. -Plant-based eating is moving to the mainstream. Soy-based dominates 87% dairies as a new dairy alternative. Dairy alternatives would balance the burden of the environment. -Soy food market may trigger your business. Asia soy food market is walking ahead. You and I are the way. YSL is soy food like tofu and soy milk leading solution providers here to helping you catch the trending market opportunity.

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12Jun 2020
The New Normal – Consumers in a Covid-19 World

2020 USSEC PAN Asia Soy Food Summit had successfully accomplished. It was one of the achievements for us being participating in this summit online. USSE invited several prestigious speakers to present great speeches. We are here to share with you the present change of methods of consumptions during Covid-19 pandemic. You may find out the fascinating points from the speaker, Mr. David Donnan. *New forces: -Focusing on healthy -Eating at home -Considering Budget/Value -Shopping Online -Choosing Packaged Food *Food as Medicine: Immune system boosters ↓ -Vitamin D -Vitamin C -Zinc -B12 -Selenium -Protein It is essentially require to apply HACCP in food business. Our system is adopted to EHEDG and the whole processing is following the standard of EN 1672-1 for safety and EN 1672-2 for hygiene. Your concern to produce healthy food in hygiene and food safety of regulation is also our principle of machine designing. WE ARE HERE TO HELP.

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19May 2020
Where to buy tofu machine?

We, YSL, focus on client’s success. Impressed with one of the successful stories we helped is about “A company” located in Middle East of Asia. The amazing business story began with the search on internet. While CEO of A company searching for Tofu machines, he intent to find qualified suppliers from Japanese, Germany, Israel, even Taiwan far away. Our customer says, “While YSL of Taiwan is the farthest nation from A company, their team always quickly providing us with technical data and responsively sharing with us the valuable experiences and specific know-how to tofu-making.” Therefore, after visiting YSL, he determined and decided to working with us. Originally, their production is mainly working manually with 6-7 operators. Their problem is not able to control the tofu product quality, gradually increased waste during the production such as the dropping of tofu curd while coagulating, unstable firmness, and difference of tofu weight. At the same time we had their inquiry about their difficulties, they were also consulting with other tofu machine manufacturers including Japanese & Germany companies yet YSL is the only one who responded patiently to their demand quickly, submitted detailed specification & parameter correctly and very adequate to their anticipating long-term goal to save cost on worker quantity, safety regulation for operator, increase their operators’ positive attitude and provided higher efficient procedure with automatic production line. In result the support of YSL technology & service to increase higher output 5-10% more than usual, solving the problem of operator including the waste during production, furthermore, they are now producing higher stable product with more than 100% output to meet their market. “The production line was installed on time in a process of profession, artificial esthetics and high quality mentioned from CEO. During the installation, I realized that YSL team truly being experienced in food industry and having a thorough understanding in Hygiene and operation Safety. Even after the installation, YSL continues giving us support and assisting us in learning how to control the tofu production to making quality outcome. Compared with our previous manual production process, YSL production line effectively reduces waste and increases tofu production capacity to catch up our booming market growth.

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