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06Jan 2019
CTV News “60 Minutes"- Plant-based meat on its way!

60 minutes, a TV interview program owned by 3 times Golden bell award winner - Taiwan News Magazine visited Yung Soon Lih for an in depth dialogue, YSL founder -Mr. Brian Cheng shared his original intention toward food machine manufacturing, and how he propagated a virtuous business worldwide. Why can soybean-based food replace meat and become main protein source of vegetarians? Soybean is rich in plant-based proteins. Compared to ingesting meat soybean reduces cardiovascular disease, soy isoflavones is antioxidative and helps decrease odds of growing breast and prostate cancer.Global tofu demand delivered compound annual growth rate at about 4.05%. One reason for this positive prospect is the uprising trend of imitation meat and consumer behavior altered in western societies. Consumers used to care about product quality and price, now they perceptibly desire for healthy diet and tend to choose organic or non-additive food, gain better knowledge of food ingredient source and production process, such as whether ingredient obtained from animals complies to humanitarian, if the soil plants grow on is contaminated, buy higher-priced products that offer sales and production records.YSL has been producing soybean process machines for decades, paying attention to domestic and foreign tofu markets. When plant-based protein food and vegan meat being promoted abroad we at the same time advocated benefits of soy beans and vegetarian meat. Ingesting more vegan meat reduces carbon emissions from livestock. YSL is also committed to both equipment manufacturing and broadcasting soybean advantages. At present YSL tofu and soy milk production lines are exported worldwide to Czech Republic, the United States, Canada, and so on. Our tofu production line can be adjusted to customer needs. For example, vegetable tank added to produce veggie tofu whilst original flavor tofu is set to be the only item produced. Future expectation as founder Brian Cheng stated in the video, Taiwan made vegan meat will be one of the next point of focus under spot light.Related News – CTV YouTube《60 Minutes》January 4,2020 Plant-based meat on its way ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2CSmEGbsJ8&t=619s Related Report – Market Insights Reports (MIR)- Global Tofu Market - Growth, Trends And Forecasts (2018 - 2023) https://www.grandviewresearch.com/industry-analysis/tofu-market

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02Oct 2019
2019 Taiwan Bubble Tea Showcase in Japan.

Taiwan famous handmade drink- bubble tea can be sold 100 million cups annual in Taiwan and has huge business opportunities. Currently, handmade boba drinks are so popular all over the world, especially Japan. According to Osaka Customs Office’s statistics, imports of tapioca pearls and tapioca flour is about 4.5 thousand tons. and value of import is about 1.4 billion dollars in Osaka, Japan.Mr. Wu who is a chief marketing officer of Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) said tapioca pearls have a large value that NTD 1 of tapioca pearls can be created 7 to 10 times in tapioca industry. In addition, he explained exports of tapioca pearls is 100 million dollars in Taiwan, and it will bring more commercial chances. A total of 125 Taiwanese Suppliers attended Taiwan Bubble Tea League, including ingredient supplier, food processing supplier, food machine manufacturer…etc.Yung Soon Lih attended 2019 Taiwan Bubble Tea Showcase and will go to Japan on October 3-10. In the event, we will join three business conferences at Fukuoka, Tokyo, Osaka and show our bubble tea cooker which can be used to cooker boba, bubble pearls, tapioca balls. tea. The functions of Smart Cooker are automatic stirring, cooking, heating. Using Smart Cooker is not only reducing labor-costs, but tine to stir the boba.

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23Sep 2019
Yung Soon Lih continues creating value for customers.

Yung Soon Lih rented the third factory which can manufacture more turnkey production line and plant. Today, we worship gods and hope we will be successful in this year. Yung Soon Lih has developed the soybean processing machines and single function machines for 30 years. In recent years, the vegan food market and handmade drink tea market has grown rapidly. Therefore, the CEO of Yung Soon Lih- Brian Cheng decided to rent the third factory which can be placed machines. The occupation of the third factory is about 2592 square meters. We will have more space to plan machine manufacture.Brian Cheng faithfully said, " Nowadays, the vegan food market and handmade drink tea market has grown rapidly. Eating more plant-based foods (tofu, soy milk) can help protect against other types of cancer. In addition, it can reduce carbon emissions by eating more vegetable (or vegan food) and less meat. We should also eat more vegan food (tofu pizza, vegan meat, tofu, soy milk…etc) as much as possible in daily life. In the future, we are committed to researching and developing food processing machine, YSL will continue learning more food processing market.”

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27Aug 2019
Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine- Technique of Heat Sterilization was developed for a long time.

Methods of sterilization which is used in food manufacturing industry can be used to extend the food expiration date. We invited several experts coming from China who are researching sterilization techniques for a long time to visit and discuss Taiwan's local bean curd (known as tofu) and soy milk (known as soya) markets. They shared their knowledge and skills and YSL members also shared our manufacture experience in this meeting. To learn more information about YSL manufacture techniques, we leaded them to second factory which is manufacturing a turnkey production line now. YSL manufactured two stage sterilization (or pasteurization) machines which is designed with automatic water cycle system, temperature sensor and speed conveyor.YSL has 30 years of experience in planning turnkey production line, providing the way to produce good quality of tofu and soy milk. Besides, we help customers to rapidly enter food manufacturing industry. Nowadays, we have customers using YSL two stage sterilization machine in Poland and Canada. If you want to know more information, please feel free to contact us.

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25Jul 2019
2019 Pack Expo Las Vegas & Healthcare Packaging Expo

2019 Pack Expo will be the largest packaging trade show in North America on September 23-25. The events bring together 2,000 suppliers with 30,000 attendees from the world’s leading consumer packaged goods companies. They come to explore exciting technologies, discover crossover solutions, learn from experts, share ideas and network with peers.Yung Soon Lih will present our popular products – Smart Cooker at the show, it has been improved many times by our R&D team. It’s convenient that you operate it when you are cooking tapioca pearls, and the panel adds many customized functions and cooking modes for our customer. Recently, our customer which starting his tea shop business in east south of Asia sold 4,500 cups of bubble tea per day. He used the Smart Cooker which is designed by Yung Soon Lih to cook tapioca ball and rewarded the amazing record.If you want to know more information about those machines or the event detail, please feel free to contact us! Yung Soon Lih will attend this show and we will assign a professional sales specialist to assist you. We are looking forward to see you at our booth!

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28Jun 2019
Taiwan Expo 2019 in Penang on 5th and 6th July at Setia Spice Convention Centre

Taiwan Expo is the perfect platform for Malaysians to learn more about Taiwan and up to 88% of visitors have expressed their desire to visit Taiwan within the year. A total of 42,000 visitors participated in the previous years’ events and led to business volume worth some USD86 million.Highlights of the expo:

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19Jun 2019
Taipei International Food Exhibition in 2019

Yung Soon Lih will attend Taipei International Food Exhibition. This exhibition appealed about 5,000 booths and set a new record in history, which is 25% higher than the previous one. According to official statistics, the Taipei International Food Exhibition has more than 1,500 exhibitions, which have the best products and high reputation in their food industry. This time, we will also participate in this exhibition, and our booth number is J1304. Please feel free to contact with us!At the booth, we will show our food machine – Smart Cooker, which can be used to cook tapioca pearls (boba, bubble pearls) and soy milk, and it can be used in tea shops and breakfast shops.In order to stable quality of cooked tapioca pearls and solve the problem charring at the bottom of the pot, we exclusively manufactured the magnetic float mixer. Nowadays, we have a customer in Malaysia, and he has several tea shops which are famous for local people or visitors. This shop can sell nearly 3,500 cups of tapioca pearls milk tea every day. In addition to single function machines, we also provide turnkey production line, for example: soy milk production line, tofu production line, bean sprout production line, vegan meat production line...and so on.Yung Soon Lih at Taipei International Food Exhibition ● Date: 19-22 June, 2019 ● Location: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center (1F, No. 1, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang Dist., Taipei City 115, Taiwan.) ● Booth: J1304If you want to know more information of Smart Cooker, please click below URL: https://reurl.cc/6OEZr

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17Jun 2019
Canada Food Guide changes: More veg, less meat, and no more eating alone

The recommendations of the new Canada’s Food Guide represents the latest, science-based thinking on what to include in a healthy diet and what to avoid, and in some ways is a radical shift from the previous food guide released in 2007.

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13Feb 2019
Yung Soon Lih prays for the success of 2019

After the Lunar New Year's Day, Brian Cheng, CEO of Yung Soon Lih, led all the colleagues of Yung Soon Lih to pray for the success of this year.

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12Feb 2019
Yung Soon Lih’s Review in 2018 and 2019 is ready!

Brian Cheng, CEO of Yung Soon Lih, is grateful for staff's contribution in 2018 and held the Spring Banquet on February 11. We made each department select employees who have performed well in 2018, and Brian Cheng not only gave incentives for bonuses, but thanking the staffs for their efforts. At the same time, Brian Cheng said that the business of the soybean industry will be flourishing in 2019. In addition to declaring the business objectives in 2019 on the Spring Banquet, Brian Cheng proposes the business plan of 2019. He is looking forward to following the 2019 plan and achieving the set goals. We are already in 2019!

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28Jan 2019
Yung Soon Lih: Community Environmental Cleaning Event

Yung Soon Lih held a community Environmental Cleaning Event and all colleagues participated in this event on January 26. Everyone prepared tools and worked together to improve community’s environment. This event made colleagues achieve an accomplishment of friendly loving the earth. Our company has been working hard for the global environment for a long time. Yung Soon Lih has devoted itself in the soybean industry for about 30 years. In addition to Meatless Day, Brian Cheng, CEO of Yung Soon Lih, also often pursues corporate philosophy of reducing carbon dioxide emissions and continues promoting the concept of eating more vegetable.

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16Jan 2019
2019 Year-end party of Yung Soon Lih

Yung Soon Lih held the year-end banquet on January 12, and gather all staffs to celebrate the achievement of 2018. Our year-end party have a lot games, including flow table tennis game and air ballooning activities. Although the colleagues strive to get more scores, they would be a loser or winner. Furthermore, we prepared some good presents for the lucky draws. Many colleagues got the lucky draw gifts and red envelopes from our CEO. No matter who is winner or loser, we effort and try our best in the next time. In the evening banquet, Brian Cheng, CEO of Yung Soon Lih, said that he started the business of Yung Soon Lih and has a lot of setbacks, bottlenecks, challenges and successes. Now, he accessed difficulties and rewarded employees at the year-end banquet. He looking forward to having more development of his career and more advance of Yung Soon Lih in the next year. Besides, Yung Soon Lih will make customers develop their blueprints in the marketing of processing soybean food products.

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19Dec 2018
YUNG SOON LIH: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to everyone! In 2018, YUNG SOON LIH continues pursuing better machine in research and development, and making a breakthrough in machine manufacturing. Over the past two decades, about 10,000 machines have been manufactured by YUNG SOON LIH, and were adopted by the world's leading food factories. YUNG SOON LIH provide customized mechanical services in response to customers' production of different sizes of tofu and soy milk. Therefore, customers were satisfied with YSL’s machine and gave feedback to YSL. In addition to manufacturing customized machines, YSL looked forward to designing and developing various machine in the future. Integrating products and services, steered by customers’ needs. Every machine manufactured is customized to meet costumers’ requirements. We expect that the new machine could be a partner in soybean food processing industry. We are confident of production capacity will be increased than previously thought and higher quality soybean food will be produced.

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08Nov 2018
Meatless Wednesday – Go Vegan, Save the Earth

Yung Soon Lih held Meatless Wednesday on November 7. Brian Cheng, CEO of YSL, is attaching importance to environmental issues and promoting the vegetarianism. He mentioned that animal husbandry is a reason of global warming. Eating less meat and more vegetable are a realistic way to save planet. The concept of “not production, not consumption” is a great idea for everyone to know why do we reduce meat intake. Since YSL held event on August 8, all colleagues have reduced the carbon dioxide emissions by up to 4,879 kilograms. It was said" Although personal strength is very small, but if we do by our own way. We will influence the world." YSL engaged in the soybean processing machine manufacture for many years, and expect to become a leader in vegetarian promotion.

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19Oct 2018
The employee training of YSL in Chiayi Innovation & research Center

Yung Soon Lih went to the Chiayi Innovation and research Center on October 18th and invited Yu ming Chen who is an AEO of EHEDG, sharing and discussing the essentials of mechanical design and mechanical maintenance in food machinery. Food machinery is focused on metal components and metal surface than industrial machinery. The reason is simple that the food will be contacted with the surface of mechanical metal directly. Besides, once the metal surface is scratched, bacteria, microorganisms or organic matter will be remained in the gap, leading to difficulties in CIP cleaning procedures. In order to prevent scratches on the metal surface being produced, in addition to the selection of metal materials, improvement of mechanical surface processing technology is also important. It will be achieved that the subsequent maintenance of the machine has the convenience of unloading parts and easy cleaning in the subsequent maintenance of the machine. Yung Soon Lih expects to improve CIP for R&D and actually use it better in food manufacture machine in future.

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21Sep 2018
An exclusive interview with Brian Cheng, CEO of Yung Soon Lih.

Food Pacific Manufacture Journal has considerable authority in food processing news. This magazine is interested in Yung Soon Lih that has been dedicated to manufacturing equipment for processing soybean products and promoted veganism/vegetarianism for the past 30 years, so that coming to our companies to ask for an exclusive interview with Brian Cheng, CEO of Yung Soon Lih. “Since 2000, the global consumption of soybeans has been growing continually, almost doubling in 2016/17”, Brian Cheng said. Yung Soon Lih is confident in Southeast Asia’s soybean market where interest in veganism/vegetarianism is also on the rise. Our company participated in many events, for example, The Food & Beverage Summit in August and Thailand-Taiwan Smart Machinery in September. In addition to promoting veganism/vegetarianism, Yung Soon Lih has been improved machine of soybean making. We will continue maintaining business philosophy and improving soybean manufacture machine in the future.2018/09/10 Food Pacific Manufacture Journal http://www.industrysourcing.com/article/turnkey-solutions-soybean-processing#.W5ZNOyTYpSU.facebook

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07Sep 2018
2018 Asia Food and Beverage Summit

The 4th Asia Food and Beverage Summit was hold at September 4-5 in Jakarta. To expand Yung Soon Lih’s sale market of Southeast Asia, we participated in the Summit. This Summit is a combination of food industry and beverage packaging industry, and has 170+ companies including Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines. These events attracted 200 participants, both domestic and foreign. These shows have assisted Yung Soon Lih’s business to enhance global trading ties and promoted the development of the soybean food industry. The number populations of Indonesia were approach 241 million people. The food and beverage industry accounts for 34% of Indonesia's GPD, and they are the largest food making companies. Soy milk and tofu content with rich protein, being probably instead of meat. To provide the best service, we were deep involved in soybean processing technical development, and has devoted to improve soy milk and tofu making machine. It is successful the best international to exchange platform for the world of food products. It is also a good experience for food industry and packaging companies. Yung Soon Lih is committed to continuing its efforts to develop business opportunities and to assist food companies in Asia to deliver high-quality products to the world.

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03Sep 2018
Yung Soon Lih: your intelligent partner in Thailand 4.0

“Smart Machinery” was hold at August 30 in Thailand in 2018, and the theme is "Taiwan - is a smart partner of Thailand 4.0". Those companies published the latest smart solutions of machinery factory and food manufacturing. Many of Thailand industrial factories participated in the forum, including Summit Group, Toyota, and JWD. This forum is the fourth event that the External Trade Development Council cooperated with the International Trade Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, planning to promote Smart Machinery. This affair attracted more than 120 listeners to understand what are the intelligent machinery. In order to strengthen the industrial exchanges between Taiwan and Thailand, Yung Soon Lih, the third of the world soybean machine manufacture factory, was Invited to speech development process of making tofu and promote the advantages of soybean. Yung Soon Lih are excellent in equipment of soy milk, so that the local companies positively inquired about machine of soy milk production line. In the future, we will actively expand Yung Soon Lih’s sale market of Southeast Asia.2018/08/29 Economic Daily News https://money.udn.com/money/story/5950/3336333 2018/08/29 Financial monitoring news http://insight.udndata.com/ndapp/udntag/finance/Article?origid=9120995 2018/09/03 Central News Agency http://www.cna.com.tw/postwrite/Detail/240070.aspx#.W45c4ugzaUk

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08Aug 2018
Yung Soon Lih“Meatless Wednesday”

On August 8th, Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Co. Ltd., held for the first time, a green vegetable day, the Meatless Wednesday. The event will take place every month, on the second Wednesday, starting from this date. Mr. Cheng, CEO of the company, has been engaged in food machinery for more than 30 years and thus attaches a great importance to environmental friendliness and promotes the research and development of soybean-based food and others. Mr. Cheng said “We design food machinery for soybeans, thinking about how to solve the problems. To prevent the degradation of our environment, we should reduce carbon emissions from manufactured food, for the environment protection and for the sustainable development of the environment protection.” The production of 1kg of beef produces 36,4kg of CO2! Moreover, each cow discharges 400L of methane every day! The main source of methane in greenhouse effect is the fart and snoring of livestock. Besides, methane’s greenhouse effect is 72 time higher than that of CO2! But, if we eat 100grams less meat, we can reduce carbon emissions by 3,64kg. The design and manufacture of our soybean food machinery and equipment is made to shorten the food carbon journey, we emphasize the environmental value of soybeans and vegetables, and always convey the feeling of environment respect. Because we love the Earth and we care about it, we promise that we will start from August 8th, 2018, to offer every month, environmentally-friendly vegetarian meals to all our employees.

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18Jul 2018
2018 Seminar with the Malaysian Distributor Association in Malaysia

On July 18th, the company co-hosted the “2018 Distributors Association” and “Leader of Professional Soybean Machinery” presentations with Malaysian distributors. Mr. Zhang Ming, officer of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia also specially came to the seminar. A total of more than 30 Malaysian companies participated enthusiastically and the meeting was quite successful. During this week-long Malaysian business promotion with visits of local companies, we promoted our new tofu and soy milk production equipment as well as our newest product: The Smart Cooker for cooking tapioca balls in Bubble Tea, which have received positive feedbacks. Some companies are currently accepting the company’s distribution counseling plan. We believe that these companies will join our company’s distribution team in the near future, which will enrich soybean-based products in the Malaysian market and strengthen our competitiveness in the international market.

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17Jul 2018
Malaysian distributors training seminar

In order to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between Malaysian businesses and our company’s food processing and packaging equipment, some of our collaborators and dealers have been to Manila (Malaysia) on July 17th, to hold a seminar on our newest equipment. This seminar was an opportunity to expand the exchanges with ASEAN and other companies which produce beans, soy milk, etc., by introducing local companies to our company’s advantages, our researches and developments in new tofu and soy milk production equipment as well as our newest product: The Smart Cooker for cooking tapioca balls in Bubble Tea. In the future, with the market trends and cooperation opportunities, we actively invite Malaysian companies with a strong interest in our company’s equipment, to introduce new products operations, promotion skills and thus create a mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation model by building new partnerships.

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14Jul 2018
Seminar on soybeans products latest trends in Indonesia

Following our new “southward policy” to expand the market in South East Asia, we began organizing seminars in those countries and provided local industry players with the latest market development status, business information and potential business opportunities. On July 14th, the seminar in Indonesia was held. Along with the seminar held in Southeast Asia in March earlier this year, this seminar provided a good opportunity to explore business opportunities, grasp the huge catering construction projects and domestic demand market opportunities. This event has welcomed senior consultants in industry development who have been operating in Indonesia for a long time, heavyweight merchants who have been in the market for more than 30 years, and local distributors. We also presented our newest tofu and soy milk production equipment as well as our latest product: The Smart Cooker for cooking tapioca balls in Bubble Tea.

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28Aug 2017
Welcome to visit EVERSOON

In the future, with the market trends and cooperation opportunities, we actively invite Malaysian companies with a strong interest in our company’s equipment, to introduce new products operations, promotion skills and thus create a mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation model by building new partnerships.

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15Jul 2017
The market trends you cannot miss – the vegan meat food market whose annual growth rate of the value of output surpasses 10%

Over 100 food exhibitions and food equipment exhibitions are held every year all around the world, among them, there are already more than 50 exhibitions which focus on vegetarian food, especially in France, India and Taïwan. Every year the number of the food exhibitions and food equipment exhibitions held in many places in the world is at least 100, but the number of the exhibitions that are held with a focus on vegetarian food in many places has already surpassed 50, including France, India, Taiwan, and so on.Where does that worldwide infatuation for vegetarian food comes from ? These three big figures show that the market for vegetarian food is very huge and this is the reason why we need to invest in vegan meat machines (soy meat machine) and vegan meat manufacturing technologies:

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