We are a Taiwanese manufacturer of Tofu and Soy Milk machinery. We also provide Tofu and Soy Beverages core technology guidance and transfer to our global partners.

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  • Japanese Silken Tofu Production Line
    Japanese Silken Tofu Production Line

    Japanese tofu (silken tofu, soft tofu) has been prevalent in Asia and is usually used in salads. In Japanese restaurants, Japanese tofu -- after being seasonned with soybean sauce or sesame -- is often served with either with bonito flakes and nori just to increase the japanese flavor or it can also be embellished with green vegetables to look smoother and delicious. Recently in European countries, people learned that soybeans contain a large amount of vegetable protein. Furthermore, there is an increasing number of vegetarians, thus Europeans have begun active research and development on new tofu products. Now, more and more European restaurants not only make tofu hamburgers, vegetable tofu and tofu sausage with regular tofu, but also use Japanese tofu(silken tofu, soft tofu), vegetables and fruit for appetizers such as salads. Japanese tofu(silken tofu, soft tofu) attracts a lot of people who desire to lose weight, women who want to keep a good figure and vegetarians, not only because of its high protein content, taste and tenderness but also because of its bodily edible fullness.

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