We are a Taiwanese manufacturer of Tofu and Soy Milk machinery. We also provide Tofu and Soy Beverages core technology guidance and transfer to our global partners.

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  • Plate Cool Exchanger Machine
    Plate Cool Exchanger Machine

    Soy Milk Plate Cool Exchanger Machine cool down soy milk in high temperature and preserve nutrients in Fresh soy milk. Small, little-space occupying and high efficient cooling devices are good for Fresh soy milk's production line and capacity planning for large soy milk producers. As a result, YUNG SOON LIH FOOD MACHINE is capable of overall planning for expected Fresh soy milk production line capacity.

  • Fresh Soy Milk
    Fresh Soy Milk

    Fresh soy milk is made by soaking soybeans and grinding them with enough water. soy milk is filled with many nutrients, such as complete protein, isoflavones and B-vitamins, but free of the lactose. As a consequence, people who are lactose intolerant can use soy milk as a replacement for cow's milk. soy milk is a common traditional Chinese beverage. Besides, it can also be made into ice cream. Add vanilla or chocolate to it depending on personal preference as an irresistible dessert.

  • Fresh Soy Milk Production Line
    Fresh Soy Milk Production Line

    Animal protein and vegetable protein are the two major sources of human intake for protein. For beverage products, milk production is still far higher than soy milk production in the world. However, cholesterol-free soy milk and low saturated fatty acid content can effectively prevent cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, the rapid increase of the population results in a rise in milk demand and price. At present, worldwide soy milk sales are growing by 10 - 20% each year. Some customers like drinking fresh soy milk while others like extended shelf-life soy milk (ex: aluminum foil packaging). The latter is popular in areas including: Australia, America, Europe, Japan, the Mainland China and Southeast Asia. In the US market, the Soy milk sales amount to 25% of total soybean products sold and are growing rapidly by 20% annually. In mainland China, the average per capita consumption is above 20 kilograms of milk but merely 1 kilogram in soy milk. Nevertheless, Chinese consumers have gradually increased their willingness in purchasing soy milk after the melamine incident that happenned in 2008. soy milk manufacturers almost doubled revenue growth from 2010 to 2014. The prospect of the market growth's potential is very considerable. The biggest difference between Fresh soy milk and extended shelf-life soy milk lies in their shelf life and storage space. Fresh soy milk can be preserved for a short time, stored in low temperatures, while the extended shelf-life Soy milk's duration is longer and just needs to be stored under normal temperature. The Chinese community likes to drink fresh soy milk at breakfast while Europeans prefer Soy milk drinks more and more with regards to the higher nutrition value of Soybeans. However, extended shelf-life Soy milk is more popular due to Fresh soy milk's preservation and refrigerated transport. But still, unsterilized procedures of fresh soy milk production preserves a great amount of nutrients and thus increases the willingness of Europeans to purchase it. Also, the capacity of milk production by cows during hot summer time is easily affected and reduced. Consumers can hardly buy milk when the milk capacity falls down. Fresh Soy milk, on the other hand, is made of Soybeans and its capacity is easy to adjust. Furthermore, Fresh soy milk content's is high in proteins as well as fibers and all sorts of nutritious ingredients such that the cool Fresh soy milk is more popular in summer.

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