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Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Co., Ltd. is a leader of Soy Milk and Tofu Machines, we are also a guardian of food safety. We share our core technology and experience of Tofu production to our customers and strive to be an important partner which accompanies the business growth of our worldwide partners.

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  • Auto. Scale Conveyor Machine
    Auto. Scale Conveyor Machine

    Put washed and dewatered Bean Sprouts in Auto. Scale Conveyor Machine. The machine will automatically and equally bag (or box) and convey the Bean Sprouts. Ideal for large production lines for Bean Sprouts and Alfalfa Sprouting, the machine can increase the efficiency of measuring operation and rear-end packing and sealing operations.

  • Baged Packaging Machine
    Baged Packaging Machine

    Featured with electronic measuring function, Baged Packaging Machine (suitable for Bean Sprouts and Alfalfa Sprouts) can bag Sprouts according to the bag volume. Besides, the measurement parameters can be adjusted according to the bag volume, helping the Beans Sprouts and Alfalfa Sprouts Production Line to quickly pack the products. After put sprouts in the bag, the bags will be sealed by human hands or sealer.

  • Boxed Packaging & Sealing Machine
    Boxed Packaging & Sealing Machine

    Boxed Packaging & Sealing Machine(suitable for Bean Sprouts and Alfalfa Sprouts) designed with the film automatic positioning function, the sealer automatically traces the mouth (for sealing). That is, to position the container first before sealing the mouth with the film. This helps to increase the accuracy. Boxed Packaging & Sealing Machine is made of stainless steel and the control panel is place above the operating machine. The sealer can be washed with clean water, making it easy to maintain. Keeping the sealer clean will also increase the hygiene and safety of Sprouts.

Result 1 - 3 of 3

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