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Tillsammans med oro för hälso- och miljöskyddsfrågor från EU- och amerikanska konsumenter inom dessa år ökar den stora efterfrågan på växtbaserat protein från Tofu mycket.

Yung Soon Lih Är ledande inom professionella maskiner för sojabönor.

Yung Soon Lih Är ledande inom professionella maskiner för sojabönor.

Vi är leverantör av nyckelfärdiga lösningar, med hjälp av expertis och skicklighet för att tillverka maskiner och förse kunderna med goda lösningar. Inom tillverkningsmaskiner har vi erfarenhet av 30 år om tillverkning och FoU-team, från planering och design av P&ID till kundanpassade maskiner. Varje steg har det mest professionella teamet att planera för dig.


30 års smart bubbeltekokare | Livsmedelsbearbetningsutrustning och leverans av produktionslinjer |Yung Soon Lih Food Machine

Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Co., Ltd., sedan 1989, är en Smart Bubble Tea Cooker-tillverkare som är speciliserad inom sojabönor, sojamjölk och Tofu-tillverkningssektorer. Unik design sojamjölk- och tofu-bearbetningsmaskiner byggda med ISO- och CE-certifieringar, sålda i 40 länder med ett gott rykte.

Många patent på sojabönmaskiner erhållna, YUNG SOON LIH är en leverantör av livsmedelsförädlingsmaskiner, deras produkt inkluderar Tofu-tillverkningsmaskin, sojamjölkstillverkare, sojamjölkuttagsmaskin, bönsodlingsmaskin, Alfalfa-odlingsmaskin, sojabönutrustning och Tofu, sojamjölk-nyckelproduktionslinje och vegansk köttmaskin.

Smart Bubble Tea Cooker


Smart Bubble Tea Cooker, Boba Cooker, Tapioca balls Cooking Machine, Tapoica Pearls Cooker Machine

Smart Bubble Tea Cooker - Smart Cooker
Smart Cooker

Smart Bubble Tea Cooker F-915 is perfect for the beverage (bubble tea) business owner:
˙bubble tea shop
˙brew tea
˙ice cream
˙tofu/soybean pudding

User friendly to operate with Intelligent H.M.I (human machine interface) control panel, as well as to control the cooking time through the PLC (programmable logic controller) and smooth inner surface of machine for easy clean purpose.
*With Intelligent H.M.I enable precisely set the boiling time and temperature to cook 1 to 3 kg of pearl powder (Boba) per hour. Compared with manually cooking, Smart Bubble Tea Cooker F-915 can set both hands of staff free to do other preparation at the same time produce consistent tapioca/Boba pearls stably.
*PLC specifically speaking is the heart of the entire machine, can make all functions work precisely and stably. With good PLC you can prevent the loss of material and avoid the manual errors.
*Made of the SUS304 stainless steel, that means effective anti-corrosion to secure food material. By smooth inner surface of barrel, as well as the automatically stirring function to form whirlpool, that work to prevent the burnt to pearl while wash the inner surface of barrel of machine.

In addition, Smart Cooker's has the function of automatically detecting the temperature. After reaching a certain temperature, it changes to an indirect heating state. In the past, ordinary pearl pots need to be equipped with manual stirring to prevent the pearl from being unevenly heated.

Smart Cooker has a variety of cooking modes, including large and small Tapioca Pearls (Boba), Grass Jelly (Mesona), and Tea. You would easily use a Smart Cooker to cook with.
Tea drink stores need not only a peal pot but also an induction stove, Tea cooker and etc., More devices you need to purchase and they will occupy your precious space in the store. If you purchase a Smart Cooker, you can adjust the amount of tea or pearls to be cooked according to the operating conditions of the store on the day to achieve the benefit of multi-use.

The Milk tea business in Taiwan has created nearly 100 million cups in Taiwan in recent years. The trend of the boba milk tea has been brought to everywhere in the world. In Japan, a well-known tea drink brand needs to wait in line for more than a couple of hours to buy a cup of pearl milk tea. At present, Smart Cooker has set a record of selling 4500 cups of pearl drinks for customers in one single day.

Smart Cooker has applied for a patent and passed a number of third-party international certifications, such as UL.CE.NSF and so on. (Certificate please see the product certification column below)


  • Multifunctional – you can operate the Smart Cooker to cook pearls, tapioca pearls, regular bubbles, mini bubbles, mesona jelly (grass jelly).
  • Easy to clean – Water outlet and magnetic mixer are easily un-installed and cleaned.
  • Easy to operate – You just use single finger to click the thin film operation panel then can fully automatic operation the machine.
  • Microcomputer IC board controller – Heating and automatic cooking function provided, cooking time adjustable and better the flavor.
  • Safe design device – When the degree reach to 160℃, it will stop working.


Model No.F-915
Voltage/Single Phase/FrequencyAC200V~240V
Single Phase / 60HZ
Power Consumption/Ampere3100W/15A
Max. Capacity/Batch15L
Min. Capacity/Batch9L
Size/Weight315(W) x 519(D) x 685(H)
Carton Size / Total Weight 450(W) x 620(D) x 720(H) mm
The data is for reference only, if you want to learn more information, please contact us.


Smart Cooker packaging process
Assemble parts                         Manufacturing                            Testing                                      Inspection area

Smart Cooker packaging processPot lid packaging area              Using plastic bag to package     Put styrofoam sheets                 Put parts into carton.

Smart Cooker packaging processPut pot lid into carton.              F-915 manual                             Put styrofoam sheets                  Packaging


Smart Cooker is suitable for bubble tea (known as bubble drinks) , tapioca cake, tofu pudding (Dou Hua) with tapioca balls.

Taiwan famous drink- bubble tea can be sold 100 million cups annual in Taiwan and has huge business opportunities.


Operation for Smart cooker.

Using Guide for Smart cooker.

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