Cooked Pulp Type of Soymilk Maker

Simple Tofu Maker, Soy Milk Maker

Simple Tofu Maker, Soy Milk Maker

Able to produce Tofu, Soy Milk and silken Tofu. Simple Tofu, soymilk maker only one operator needed, small production area required, easy to clean and maintenance.

High Nutritional Long Shelf Life Soymilk

High Nutritional Long Shelf Life Soymilk

Soy Milk is rich in vegetable protein content and soya bean lecithin. They are benefit for human body and zero overhead. We provide customized soymilk production line design to reach labor reducing and production efficiency increasing.


Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Cooked Pulp Type of Soymilk Maker Service Introduction

Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Co., Ltd. is a Taiwanese supplier and manufacturer in food machinery industry. Yung Soon Lih Food Machine has been offering customers high-quality food machines since 1989.

We are the first food machine manufacturer whom developed the European Tofu turn-key production line, which can produce Asian Tofu, and Soy Milk processing equipment. Our tofu production machines are specially design and able to produce Tofu Burger, Vegetable Tofu, Smoked Tofu, Tofu Sausage to satisfy consumers' demand from the American and European market.

Cooked Pulp Type of Soymilk Maker

Cooked Pulp Type of Soymilk Maker

Cooked Pulp Type of Soymilk Maker - Cooked Pulp Type of Soymilk Maker
Cooked Pulp Type of Soymilk Maker

The Cooked Pulp Type of Soymilk Maker is mainly used to produce soymilk and tofu pudding. In addition, the Tofu Pressing Machine is installed to make tofu and dried tofu. Apply for restaurants, large malls, chain stores and breakfast shops.

This soymilk maker is based on the Cooked Pulp System (Separate okara after cooking). The design concept of the Cooked Pulp System is that: after soybeans are ground, soymilk and okara are cooked in the Cooking Machine; after soymilk with okara is cooked, the okara separation will be performed; after okara are drained, soymilk will be left.

Compared with the Cooked Pulp System used by this soymilk maker, the Easy Tofu Maker employs the Health Pulp System, where indicates okara will be immediately separated with soymilk after soybeans are ground and soymilk (exclusive of okara) will be cooked.

The Cooked Pulp Type of Soymilk Maker can set the parameters in advance to achieve the auto production. The operation flows are divided as the following steps: 

Step 1: Constant soybean amount and stable soymilk concentration

After soaked soybeans are loaded, the constant amount device is installed in the grinding machine to grind soybeans in constant quantity. Therefore, ground soymilk has the stable and consistent concentration. 

Step 2: Ceramic grinding tray

A ceramic grinding tray is used to grind soybeans and enhance the soymilk rate. The grinding mechanism provides high endurance and easy to clean and maintain. Ground soymilk will be delivered and cooked in the cook tank. 

Step 3: Soymilk Cooking Machine

The steam pipes and the stirring devices are installed in the Soymilk Cooking Machine, so that soymilk can be uniformly cooked. After soymilk is cooked to the assigned temperature, it will automatically deliver soymilk to the Spiral Extrusion Separation Device.

Most of all, this soymilk maker do not to add defoamer agent in the cooking process, this way make soymilk more healthy.

In the cooking process, the stirring and special antifoaming manners will be employed to produce excellent and natural soymilk without defoamer agent, as well as the cost to purchase defoamer agent can be saved! 

Step 4: Spiral Extrusion Separation Device

By the Spiral Extrusion Separation Device, soymilk will be separated with okara. The spiral extrusion separation device used with the soymilk maker can filter okara in lower water concentration than the competitors. 

Step 5: Auto cleaning Function

The Soymilk Cooking Machine employs spraying and cleaning as well as uses CIP with Spiral Extrusion Separation Device to make the machine clean and greatly reduce the cleaning time! 

Others: Auto alarm and operation safety

If there are no water and steam supply in the soymilk process, the machine will automatically stop and alarm a user.


  • Equipped with touch screen.
  • Manual or auto operation.
  • Parameter adjustment and setting by the demand.
  • No antifoaming agent added in the soymilk process.
  • Ceramic grinding tray with high endurance and stability.
  • Stain steel filter in the grinding structure to extend lifetime.
  • Made of stainless steel to promote endurance.
  • Easy operation, self recirculation and more convenient cleaning.


Dimensions1380mm (L)*1000 mm (W)*1500mm (H)
Soybean Processing AmountSoymilk concentration set as 12 degrees, and dry processing amount up to 24 kg per hour.
Soymilk Processing AmountSoymilk concentration set as 12 degrees, and soymilk processing amount about 120 liters per hour.
Steam Amount20 kg/time
Grinding Water AmountSoymilk concentration set as 12 degrees, and grinding water about 30 liters per time.
Cleaning WaterAbout 0.5T water amount each time.
Appliance Capacity3φ, 380V, 3KW (The electrical conditions can be adjusted according to the customer requirements.).


  • Tofu, soymilk and dried tofu.

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