Acquired on-the-job training for vocational training plan.

Phenomenon-based plan - CITD Innovative research & development of traditional industries from affect of Covid-19

Industries AI Certificate & Products Commercialized

2019 Acquired Certificate of UL & NSF for Individual Single Machines.
2019 Acquired Certificate of TTQS, Talent Quality-Managment System.
2018 Acquired subsidy of International Market Expansion Plan from International Trade Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs.
2016 Acquired Technology Research & Development Project from Ministry of Economic Affairs - supporting technology development for traditional industry.
2015 Corporate with the world's well-known company and recruit worldwide dealers, agents and distributors.
2009 Develop Compact Tofu Processor and (A Small and Easy Tofu maker / Tofu machine) and Taiwan patient awarded.
2007 Acquired CE certification on Tofu equipment and most of equipment in tofu production line.
2005 Integrate various of food pocessing machines and upgrade reserch & development.
2003 ISO 9001 certificate awarded.
1995 Steady growing and start the business to international market, and promote Tofu and soy milk equipment and product line to American and European countries.
1994 Moved to New factory for business expansion, enlarge Tofu and soy milk equipment and turn-key product line manufacturing.
1993 First bean grinding & soy milk cooking machine were announced.
1989 We were committed to investing in bean food processing machine industry.

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