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From a 40 year old tofu factory in the USA

A tofu factory based in North America with over 40 years of history, highly regarded in the local Chinese community. The founder immigrated to North America, she couldn't find fresh tofu, so she decided to start her own tofu production business. While not the first tofu factory in the area, they have now grown to be one of the largest.

A Legacy of Resilience: The tofu business was a testament to the founder's unwavering spirit. A single mother, she raised her children while single-handedly running the factory, overcoming countless obstacles. Nearing retirement, her desire to ease the burden on her sons, now her successors, compelled her to invest in automated production lines. This freed them to focus on marketing, ensuring a smoother future for the business she'd built. Yung Soon Lih was deeply touched by this story of perseverance and foresight.

Their Challenges:
1. Machine Quality Issues: Initially, they chose other brands for production lines to save costs. However, these machines soon started breaking down frequently, causing production instability, a 50% drop in capacity, and significant product losses.

2. Insufficient After-Sales Service: When the machines broke down, it was difficult to find timely after-sales support, severely impacting production. Meanwhile, operating costs continued to mount, further burdening the business.

3. Increasing Market Demand: With the rise of veganism and Asian food trends, the demand for tofu has been steadily increasing. They need to boost production capacity to meet market expansion and extend product shelf life to satisfy market needs.

Yung Soon Lih Automated Production Line: Yung Soon Lih offers customized automated production lines covering all tofu production processes, including soybean soaking, grinding, cooking, coagulating, forming, pressing, cutting, and packaging. This includes pasteurization to extend tofu’s shelf life. They assist customers in planning the optimal workflow, focusing on human-centric designs.

Advantages of the Production Line:
1. Increased Production Efficiency: The automated production line can run continuously, significantly boosting production efficiency and reducing labor costs.

2. Stable Product Quality: The automated line precisely controls the production process, ensuring stable product quality.

3. Extended Shelf Life: Pasteurization extends tofu’s shelf life, reducing product loss and enhancing market competitiveness.

4. Reduced Labor Costs: The automated line decreases the required labor, saving on labor costs.

5. Improved Safety and Hygiene: The automated line reduces worker contact with food, ensuring safety and hygiene in production.

Reasons to Recommend Yung Soon Lih Machines:
1. High-Quality Products: Yung Soon Lih’s tofu production lines significantly improved our tofu quality, meeting and exceeding our expectations. This is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and our company's high-quality reputation.

2. Increased Efficiency: These machines brought unprecedented improvements in production and efficiency, effectively reducing waste, which benefits both the economy and the environment.

3. Customized Service: The entire process, from ordering to installation, was highly personalized. Yung Soon Lih provided on-site demonstrations, met customer’s specific needs, and ensured the machines integrated well into their factory layout.

4. Excellent Support: Yung Soon Lih offers robust customer service. Their engineers are available almost anytime via phone or video call, with quick response times and effective troubleshooting.

5. Reliable Partnership: Customer value the relationship with Yung Soon Lih engineers. This relationship is key for continuous operation and future expansion. The reliability of their service department in solving complex issues is a major reason for our recommendation.

6. Future Plans: They plan to continue using Yung Soon Lih’s equipment in their future expansions, showing them ongoing trust and satisfaction with our products and services.

Yung Soon Lih Services:
<Pre-Sales Service>
1. Needs Analysis: Yung Soon Lih sends a team of professional engineers to deeply analyze customer production needs, offering customized automated production line solutions.
2. Solution Design: They design detailed automated production line solutions based on customer needs, including production flowcharts, equipment lists, and electrical drawings.
3. Budget Quotation: They provide detailed budget quotations to make the expenses clear to customers.

<Mid-Sales Service>
1. Production Guidance: Professional technicians are dispatched to assist customers with equipment installation and commissioning and train customer staff in production operations.
2. Quality Control: Regular inspections ensure the production line runs smoothly and maintains product quality.

<After-Sales Service>
1. Maintenance: They offer lifetime maintenance services, regularly maintaining the production line to ensure it stays in good working condition.
2. Technical Support: They provide 24/7 technical support, answering any production-related questions.

Customer Review:
“No machine production line can give you peace of mind without a strong service department. All machines, even those that don’t break down, will eventually have issues. But YSL’s service department and their ability to help us solve some of the most complex problems have been one of the best experiences since we acquired this production line.”"Making tofu by hand is too hard; automated equipment is necessary."

Yung Soon Lih is a global leader in automated tofu production line solutions, with extensive experience and strong technical capabilities. We are committed to providing customers with the most advanced automated production lines and quality services, helping them reduce costs, improve quality, and enhance competitiveness.

If you face challenges like high production costs, unstable quality, and intense market competition, Yung Soon Lih’s automated production line is the ideal solution. Contact us for more information. Yung Soon Lih offers customized automated production lines and comprehensive pre-sales, mid-sales, and after-sales services, earning high customer satisfaction. If you are looking for high-quality automated tofu production line solutions, Yung Soon Lih is your best choice.

From a 40 year old tofu factory in the USA | CE Certified Tofu Product Line, Soybean Soak & Wash Tank, Grinding & Cooking Machine Manufacturer | Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Co., Ltd.

Based in Taiwan since 1989, Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Co., Ltd. has been a food manufacturing machine manufacturer that is specilized in soy bean, soy milk and tofu making sectors. Unique design soy milk and tofu production lines built with ISO and CE certifications, sold in 40 countries with solid reputation.

Yung Soon Lih has more than 30 years of food machinery manufacturing and technical experience, professional production: Tofu Machine, Soy Milk Machine, Alfalfa Sprouts Germination Equipment, Grinding Machine, etc.