Bean Sprouts Germination Production Line

Simple Tofu Maker, Soy Milk Maker

Simple Tofu Maker, Soy Milk Maker

Able to produce Tofu, Soy Milk and silken Tofu. Simple Tofu, Soy milk maker only one operator needed, small production area required, easy to clean and maintenance.

High Nutritional Long Shelf Life Soy milk

High Nutritional Long Shelf Life Soy milk

Soy Milk is rich in vegetable protein content and soy bean lecithin. They are benefit for human body and zero overhead. We provide customized Soy milk production line design to reach labor reducing and production efficiency increasing.


Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Bean Sprouts Germination Production Line Service Introduction

Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Co., Ltd. is a Taiwanese supplier and manufacturer in food machinery industry. Yung Soon Lih Food Machine has been offering customers high-quality food machines since 1989.

We are the first food machine manufacturer whom developed the European Tofu turn-key production line, which can produce Asian Tofu, and Soy Milk processing equipment. Our tofu production machines are specially design and able to produce Tofu Burger, Vegetable Tofu, Smoked Tofu, Tofu Sausage to satisfy consumers' demand from the American and European market.

Bean Sprouts Germination Production Line

Bean Sprouts Germination Production Line

Bean Sprouts Germination Production Line - Bean Sprouts Germination Production Line
Bean Sprouts Germination Production Line

Bean Sprout is a very popular food around the world. For Bean Sprout producers, not only do the Bean Sprouts need only small places and labor costs, but also it takes only three to five days to harvest and sell them on the market. This is the reason why Bean Sprouts are made by many suppliers.

If you do not have any experience in producing Bean Sprouts, we suggest you to use the Box Bean Sprouts Germination Machine at first. The Box Bean Sprouts Germination Machine has a compact size and can be placed anywhere to produce Bean Sprouts on a regular basis. The machine is designed with an automatic watering function that requires less labor cost. It is therefore suitable for inexperienced people who are interested in this business.
For consumers, Bean Sprouts are not only rich in minerals and vitamins, but also have a large amount of dietary fibers and Vitamin C (Mung Bean Sprouts contains more Vitamin C than Soybean Sprouts). Besides, Bean Sprouts are extremely low in calories and making it a representative healthy and slimming food.

Bean Sprouts are eaten differently depending on the regions. In chinese regions, they can be cooked into a dish or stir fried with meat.
In Japan, Bean Sprouts are often cooked in soups. In Europe and the U.S., they are put into salads or soups with other vegetables.

In recent years, it has been said that people have added growth hormone, root killer and bleach during the Bean Sprouts growing process. This therefore adds a question mark on Bean Sprouts in the market.
Nevertheless, this makes no influence on consumers' fondness for Bean Sprouts. News media on TV, newspaper and magazine have successively reported on tricks for Bean Sprouts purchasing. Consumers therefore started to accept Bean Sprouts without chemical additives.

On the other hand, we have tried different parameters on the Bean Sprouts Germination Equipment to acquire the right skill of producing Bean Sprouts. Apart from providing customized Bean Sprouts production facilities, we are willing to share our knowledge and experiences of producing Bean Sprouts with our customers. This will help our customers to quickly produce bean sprouts that correspond to the market demand.

Below is Bean Sprouts Germination Production Line

operating processor flow chart for your reference.
Bean Sprouts Germination Production Line

Step Process
  1. Feeding mung bean to Bean Washing and Sterilizing System by worker.
  2. After Washing and Sterilizing, taking mung bean to Bucket Bean Sprouts Germination Machine.
  3. Moving bucket to cultivation room. We also offer Bucket Bean Sprouts Germination Machine, watering equipment, Thermostat system...etc.
  4. Germinated Sprouts will have the hulls and Sprouts separated through Bean Sprouts Vibrating Sheller Machine.
  5. Washing Sprouts by Bean Sprouts Washing Machine. It had special design structure which minimize damages to the Sprouts.
  6. Using Bean Sprouts Dewater Machine to remove excessive water on Bean Sprouts' skin to extend the preservation period.
  7. Featured with electronic measuring function, Baged Packaging Machine (suitable for Bean Sprouts and Alfalfa Sprouts) can bag Sprouts according to the bag volume.


Please feel free to let us know if you need any further information about Bean Sprouts Germination Machine.
Also, please let us know which kind of product would you like to produce and capacity required to provide proper solution for you.
We had more than 30 years experience to produce Tofu, soy milk, Bean Sprouts producing machine, we are happy to share our Tofu, soy milk, Bean Sprout making experience to you for helping you to complete your production line and production efficiency increasing.

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